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Rebecca Lim 林慧玲 Plays Twin Sisters in Upcoming Drama 'Sudden'《骤变》!

By InCinemas  /  29 Aug 2013 (Thursday)

Premiering next week, upcoming lawyer-themed drama Sudden 《骤变》features a star-studded cast including Rui En, Romeo Tan, Rebecca Lim and Ian Fang. We talk to Rebecca Lim about her roles as twin sisters and an experience she'll never forget.

This might be one of the most challenging roles MediaCorp actress Rebecca Lim has played to date. In the upcoming Channel 8 drama Sudden 《骤变》, Lim plays twin sisters Guo Wei Qian and Huang Yi Xing who were separated at a young age, but were reunited years later.

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Besides the visual cues to differentiate between the sisters, Lim tried to characterised the roles by changing the tone of her voice.

“For the younger sister, I tried to use a different voice from my original voice, a little lighter tone because my voice is quite low. The older sister is a little more dark so I stuck to my original voice. Hopefully the audiences don’t get too confused. I’m just worried about that lah,” she chuckled.

When asked about unforgettable scenes, she cited the scene where both sisters were trapped in a house on fire, and an incident where she got so shocked she cried. 

“There was one scene where the stunt fireman didn’t inform me that he was going to drop a wooden plank with fire in front of me. I really got a shock and started crying," Lim recounted.

“It was just scary to be there and you start thinking a lot of morbid thoughts. There was also a lot of trust in your co-actor which was Zhen Huan,” she added.

also features beautiful sceneries and lush greenery which were shot in Tasmania, Australia. The main leads Romeo Tan and Rui En shot a couple of romantic scenes at places such as Mt Nelson, Hobart and even at Curringa Farm where Tan proposed to her among a herd of sheep. The MC asked if it was romantic or ‘smelly’, Rui En chose the latter, which brought much laughter to the other cast members. Tan on the other hand felt it was an ideal and lovely place to pop the question.

“If I am a girl, I’ll definitely say yes, confirm!” he joked.

Scared and afraid were initial thoughts that came to mind when Tan first heard the news about his first leading role, and being paired with Rui En. He mentioned that he was thankful for Rui En to organise a meet-up before filming began to ‘talk about it’.

“I suspected he (Tan) would be rather nervous and it will be better if we discussed about the roles before shooting commenced,” Rui En who plays his love interest, Cheng Chuning said.

Besides picturesque scenes and complicated love stories, most of the cast members agreed that the script was well-written and definitely worth a watch!

Sudden stars Rui En, Romeo Tan, Rebecca Lim, Zhang Zhen Huan, Ian Fang, Sora Ma, Yuan Shuai, Guo Liang and Constance Song, premiering 2 September, 9pm on Channel 8.
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