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Wonder Girls’ Yoo Bin Transforms to IT Expert in Upcoming Drama, 'The Virus'!

By InCinemas  /  10 Sep 2013 (Tuesday)
Wonder Girls’ member Kim Yoo Bin (widely known as Yoo Bin) plays an IT expert in new drama series, The Virus.

This marks her first solo acting gig since entering showbiz in 2007, and the second member of the group to venture into acting. Her previous roles on television were usually cameo roles. 

To stop a fatal virus from spreading, Korean government organizes a special unit in the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Chief detective of this special unit, Lee Myung-Hyun comes across an unexpected truth during his investigation, and discovers that finding the origin of the deadly mutant virus is more important than finding out what the virus is.
Yoo Bin plays an IT specialist in the task force who tries to combat the contagion. Her character is a genius who is a hacker and can extract computer information quickly.

During a phone interview on Wednesday, the Hallyu star said that she seeing herself on television was ‘different’.

The Virus airs every Thursdays, 10pm on Thrill (Starhub Chnl 618/ SingTel mioTV Chnl 415)

She admitted that she dreams about making her acting debut. To prepare for her role as an IT whiz, Kim consulted a personal friend who is an IT expert. “He really helped me a lot, teaching me about computer programme and hardware systems,” the 25-year-old singer added.

“My character Lee Joo-Young is a tall and professional woman, which is similar to me. She also has confidence about her work and materials. The different bit is that she has a more exciting personality and I am a little more dull.”

Though many will remember her as the main rapper in Wonder Girls, she felt that acting and singer both have different qualities that she loves. While acting provides an opportunity for her to interact with other actors on set, singing allows her to communicate with the audiences.

The Virus might be the first of many future projects where we see Yoo Bin on the big screen. (We certainly hope so!) As to what are her future projects, like many Korean artistes, juggling both aspects of career might be the next path to take. “If any good projects come in, I will try out for it but at the same time I don’t want to be apart from my music activities. I will do both and see what comes up next,” she continued.

“It will be great if the audiences watch it and to take care more of their loved ones and to feel the significant love towards each other.”
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