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Taiwanese actor George Hu has been Mistaken as a Girl since Young!

By InCinemas  /  11 Sep 2013 (Wednesday)

The cute and charming actor who stars in upcoming drama Love Around <真愛黑白配> definitely has the looks and body but doesn’t mind his fans calling him ‘pretty boy’!

Synopsis of Love Around <真愛黑白配>

This drama narrates the love story between the heir to a mafia family and a righteous female DJ. The forlon two help each other get over their previous failed relationships and eventually fall in love despite their differing backgrounds.

InCinemas spoke to the 31-year-old American-born actor who answered in fluent English about his role and plans for the future. He was in town to promote his latest drama Love Around <真愛黑白配> and to meet the fans in Singapore.

Hu plays Zhou Zhen, the gentle, gracious and upright person who comes from a former gangster family. Though both dramas (Love, Now and Love Around) seem to angle the main actor into a prince charming of sorts, Hu shared that the characters from both shows were different and that each posed a different challenge for him.

“He has a mobster background, a mafia background and that’s the part where it makes me feel that I’m acting as a new character.”

“The challenges of Zhou Zhen is that he is aggressive and puts the pressure on himself. Yeah, very aggressive. I wouldn’t be that way, I’m more assertive compared to Zhou Zhen,” he added.

After the successful run of Love Now <真愛趁現在>, fans were speculating the relationship between Hu and co-actor Chen. When asked about their status together, he was clear to point out that they both remain purely as friends. He said: “Annie is great to work with, she is fun to work with too. Working with her for two projects and we’re all the same and everyday is like a trip.”

Due to his recent filming project” "Prince of Lan Ling" <兰陵王>, he was conferred the title of “ 第一美男字“(Prettiest Boy) to which he replied “I feel pretty and beautiful!” Some of the comments by fans include “Hey, you look like a girl! That’s a compliment,” he commented.

“When I was an infant, people would say (to my parents) ‘Congratulations, you’ve a girl!” He laughed.

Hu also shared that he does fear of being typecast in ‘prince charming’ idol roles but would like to act in different genres of shows, such as action movies and sci-fi films. “Action movies are fun. There are explosions, blood and guns, that’s what I like.”

Besides upcoming dramas, you can expect an autobiography from the actor in the coming months where he will be sharing his journey in life. Sorry ladies, as much as we hope, the charming actor said that there won’t be topless shots.
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