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Andy Lau rumoured to have bought mansion in Malaysia

By InCinemas  /  08 Apr 2011 (Friday)
Recently, a Hong Kong tabloid revealed that Hong Kong singer Andy Lau's wife Carol Zhu finally conceived through artificial insemination.

To keep Carol away from any disturbances during the course of her pregnancy, Andy reportedly bought a HKD$30 million (approximately S$4.86 million) house in Ampang, Malaysia. The district, where the house is located, is said to be safe and is predominantly occupied by dignitaries.

As Carol is currently in the early stage of pregnancy, Andy apparently took time off work to accompany his wife on the trip to Malaysia because he is worried.

The singer, who's always kept a low profile, brought along four assistants and bodyguards, exited through the airport arrival hall; while Carol, blocking her stomach with her purse, went through a special channel.

Then, it was reported that Andy and Carol visited the cemetery to pay their respects to Carol's deceased parents, but stayed in the car instead, due to huge media turnout.

However, speculation has it that the couple remained in the car as Carol wanted to share the good news [of her pregnancy] with her late father, but feared taboos against visiting burial ground while expecting.
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