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Irene Ang and Guo Liang Goes K-pop Style in 'Filial Party'!

By InCinemas  /  08 May 2014 (Thursday)
Irene Ang and Guo Liang play husband and wife to daughter Hayley Woo in upcoming local comedy Filial Party.

Besides pairing up for the first time, both had to wear colourful, tight-fitting clothes for their roles which Ang initially thought the ‘wardrobe mistress mistook them for Hayley’s clothes’ instead.

“I was shocked when I went to wardrobe during the fitting! ‘This is Hayley’s costume, not mine!”’ Ang shared during the press conference at Orchard Hotel yesterday. “ Luminous yellow, luminous orange, luminous pink and shoes that had studs!”

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Co-star Guo Liang wasn’t spared either. Recently awarded the Best Supporting Actor at the Star Awards, he admitted he was rather uncomfortable wearing those tight, hip-hop outfits. “The first time I wore it for the shoot was when there were lots of people, the scene of a variety show set…. there were so many familiar faces,” he exclaimed.

Filial Party tells the story of three contestants (Christopher Lee, Ann Kok and Hayley Woo) of different social backgrounds take part in a reality TV game show where the most filial child walks away with a $1million cash prize.

Soon-to-be-father Christopher Lee said that ‘filial piety is something everyone has to have’ and that ‘it’s not easy’. “We have seen how our parents taken care of us when we’re young and as to how we are going to be filial to them, it depends on the path we take in the future,” he continued.

When asked how he hope his child will show his or her filialness to parents Lee and Fann Wong, he replied, “I think that to have a child isn’t about thinking how he or she will repay us (parents) in the future, as long as you don’t emphasise or pressure him or her, the child will naturally be taking good care of you when they grow up.”

His sentiments were echoed by Liu Ling Ling who recently gave birth to baby boy. “I’ve never thought of wanting him to do anything or repay me when he grows up because the most important thing is to instill proper teachings to the child and he will naturally understand it in the future,” Liu, who plays Lee’s mother in the movie said.

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Directed by Boris Boo and stars Christopher Lee, Mark Lee, Ann Kok, Richard Low, Irene Ang, Kym Ng and Hayley Woo, Filial Party is now showing in cinemas!

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