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'The Judge' Starring Robert Downey Jr Debuts 1st Trailer!

By InCinemas  /  20 Jun 2014 (Friday)

This has got to be one of Downey's more serious roles in his acting career - a testament to the fact that he is one brilliant actor - and why we adore him so much!

Downey plays the lead role of Hank Palmer, a big city lawyer who returns to his home after his mother's death. Things get more complicated when he tries to reconcile the differences with his estranged father when he receives a call saying that his father is accused of murder.

Besides filming major superhero blockbuster sequels like The Avengers and Iron Man, Downey managed to squeeze time out of his packed schedule to be a part of 'The Judge', a different side of him that we've yet to see.

It's been a highly anticipated movie since its announcement and this trailer sealed the deal as one of our must-watch films this year!

Apart from Robery Downey Jr., The Judge stars Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Jeremy Strong, Billy Bob Thornton and Dax Shepard and is slated to open InCinemas this October!
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