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First Few Images of Jackie Chan's ''Dragon Blade'!

By InCinemas  /  24 Jul 2014 (Thursday)

Starring Jackie Chan, Hollywood actors John Cusack and Adrien Brody, as well as Choi Siwon from Super Junior, Dragon Blade 天将雄狮 is a mega budget epic action blockbuster slated to release next year!

Directed by famed HK film maker Daniel Lee, Dragon Blade is filmed at a budget of US$65 million will be released in Singapore on next CNY, 19 Feb 2015.

[The Story]
In 48BC, during the Han Dynasty, Roman general Lucius crosses into China after being accused of treason. In the Gobi Desert, he fights and then befriends Huo An, a former high-ranking commander, who himself has been framed by corrupt court officials and forced into slavery. The encounter sparks a thrilling piece of history that has never before been told.

Huo An, the Commander of the Protectorate of the Western Regions, protects China’s border, securing peace among the warring tribes on the Silk Road. He often has to enter fights to settle disputes, slowly earning respect from all the tribes. When a convoy of gold bearing a foreign insignia is discovered inside China, he is accused of treason and sent to the border as a slave laborer. With only a small group of his most loyal soldiers, he must fight to survive in the prison camp.

General Lucius leads a small army of Roman soldiers to the border gate and outmatch the Chinese border guards. But when Huo An enters the battle, he single-handedly turns it around and earns the respect of Lucius. Among the Romans is a blind boy called Publius, the youngest son of Rome’s Consul Crassus. Crassus was assassinated by his ambitious eldest son, Tiberius, who is leading 100,000 soldiers towards the border gate, employing subterfuge to kidnap Lucius. With the help of the neighboring tribes, Huo An builds an army that can fight the Roman war machine. In the midst of battle, Huo An locates Lucius who has been tortured, but it is too late to save him. He avenges the death of the Roman general, killing Tiberius in single combat. Despite the great loss of life, Huo An has restored the honor of Lucius and secured the borders of China from ruthless invaders.

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