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Local Singer-songwriter Tay Kewei Releases her First Mandarin Album!

By InCinemas  /  15 Sep 2014 (Monday)

It’s been two years since Singaporean songbird Tay Kewei released an album, with her last two albums (2010, 2012) containing mostly English songs. This year, she finally realised her dream, releasing her first original mandarin album, ‘Turn Back & Smile’!

Check out the MV below!

With 90% of the songs written by herself, Tay admitted that the journey to making the dream possible was never an easy one.

“I have hoped for this day to come for a long time. My previous albums were all in English, with one or two Mandarin songs but finally, I have 10 songs to present in this album,” said Tay at a press conference held at Nuvo restaurant, Marina Square.

Kewei with S2S artistes: Bonnie Loo and MICappella

The 31-year-old singer who debuted in 2005, has been the backup vocalist for A-list singers like Wang Lee Hom, David Tao and A-Mei.

Besides preparing for her debut mandarin album, Tay was involved in many other activities, including making her theatre debut in Toy Factory’s ‘Innamorati’ and singing for the National Day Parade this year.

She expressed her interest in acting after her stage production and music video of her hit single ‘Heart Shaped Void, featuring Taiwanese hunk Allen Chen, stating she had ‘level upped’.

“I was very excited! My first scene with Allen was when he had to scold me, and I was genuinely afraid. For that entire scene, I looked at his mouth instead because I didn’t dare to stare straight into his eyes,” she recalled. 

Chen, who starred in various MediaCorp channel 8 dramas sang praises of his co-star, calling her a ‘real and sincere’ person, adding: “When I first met Kewei during our very first meeting, I had this hunch that our collaboration will be a success because she is a person who is very real, and the chemistry will come easily.”

For fans of the singer, be sure to stay peeled as Tay revealed she will be holding her first concert in Singapore later this year before embarking on her overseas promotional activities.

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