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[InC-terview] Spencer Leung Sze Ho, Celebrity 'Ghost Expert'!

By InCinemas  /  17 Sep 2014 (Wednesday)

A well-known host and personality in Hong Kong, Spencer Leung explores some of Hong Kong's most haunted places, including the 'Tai Po Hundred Colonial Mansion' in 'Unbelievable - HK Mysteries'!

Together with six beautiful models, each episode of the documentary series is set to thrill and excite the supernatural-theme lovers! InCinemas got to find out more about Leung's journey in the show!

Unbelievable: HK Mysteries is showing every Wednesday at 10pm on cHK (SingTel mio TV Channel 510)

InCinemas: Are there any pre-show ritual(s) you would do before each filming shoot?

Spencer: It’s always the traditional Chinese ritual as we pray with incense. Besides the rituals, I always have to get prepared for my shows by reading a lot of books, learning more about history and science. You have to understand the stories behind the haunted places and be able to tell if it can actually be explained in a scientific way.

You also always have to prepare what the ghosts 'need', like helping them move on. For example, for the Chinese, we’ll have joss paper.

InCinemas: Was there an episode that left a great impression on you?

One of the episodes happened in an earlier episode in Japan. We visited a house of a dead family where all four family members were murdered (two parents, one boy, and one little girl). When I got into the room, I could feel that they were 'around me'. Suddenly, I could hear a voice of a little girl. She was speaking and singing to me in Japanese. I didn’t understand what she was saying, but after a while, I started singing with her in Japanese. All the crew members were shocked because I don’t know Japanese at all. I told them (crew) what the little girl wanted (a ball, some snacks, and a banana). So we went out to buy but we couldn’t find any banana. When I went back and told her I couldn’t find any banana, she told me one of the bags of my crew members’ had a banana. I asked around and one of them really had a banana in his bag. We were really really surprised and I guess this is one of the episodes that really left a great impression.

InCinemas: How do you juggle being a TV personality/Actor/Author/Entrepreneur all at the same time?

Spencer: It’s about attitude. I just love working; I enjoy the feeling that work gives me. It makes me feel satisfied and energetic.

InCinemas: Was there a point during the filming process that you felt like you ‘couldn’t take it’ and had to stop? What made you pull through?

Spencer: Yes, it happened! During that episode, one of the models has to sit in a very dark room of the police station. Suddenly, the door of the room started to close and she wanted to get out. When she got back to her seat, the door started opening again. So, it was opening, closing, opening, closing… It just won’t let the girl leave! We saw the scene from the CCTV that the girl wanted to jump off from the window because she was too scared. We knew it had to be stopped and rushed to rescue her.

What made me pull it through… I guess it’s the surprises that I’m always getting. You always have new things going on in different haunted places.

InCinemas: Has paranormal research/experience been an interest since young?

Spencer: To be honest, no. I used to be very scared of all these paranormal activities but as time went by, I started to be interested in it and now I’m an expert!

InCinemas: Rituals and paranormal activities are all different. How do you approach each experience?

Spencer: I read a lot of books about religions and history, to get to know the stories and logic behind each haunted place. I also have to get to know the locals because they are the best keys to understanding the stories.

InCinemas: What is one of the most challenging part on being on the show?

Spencer: I guess my challenge is to get myself mentally prepared that I’m going to a lot of filthy places. I don’t like being dirty… So yes, my challenge is getting over the fact that I am exploring a lot of dirty places.

InCinemas: What has changed since being on the show?

Spencer: It makes me less superstitious but more respectful to the dead because now I have more knowledge about it. When I say “superstitious”, it’s always about you not being able to understand something, but to believe in it. Now that I understand more about it, I know what really exists in this world and I respect it.

InCinemas: Tell us more about the mobile application which was launch last month.

Spencer: The application is actually very interesting. First, you can find different ghost stories in the application with my narration. Secondly, we also put in haunted places in Hong Kong to explore. The app tells you where the ghosts are hiding. We know because we were there before, so you can explore the places yourselves, but please always go with a company. Thirdly, there’s a camera function where you can take photos with animated ghosts. The application is definitely a new break-through and I hope users will enjoy using it to explore haunted activities.

InCinemas: Through your past experiences, what do you think is the biggest misconception about paranormal activities/sightings?

Spencer: They are actually unlike (what we see) in movies. The ghosts do not look scary at all. They’re just like human beings but they are translucent and emotionless. If you don’t disturb them, they won’t disturb you. They are usually harmless.

InCinemas: Describe the experience hosting with 6 models. - Added pressure or added fun?

Spencer: Added fun to me because I’m not scared of all these paranormal activities anymore. Watching them being scared is fun. And the six models can bring in fresh elements to the show.

InCinemas: How would you encourage people who are afraid of paranormal activities to watch your show?

Spencer: It’s actually not a show just about paranormal activities. It helps you understand the history behind (the place) and the history of Hong Kong. It also reveals the reality behind. So, it’s a must watch! The show has been around for 10 years with over 500 episodes!

Unbelievable: HK Mysteries is showing every Wednesday at 10pm on cHK (SingTel mio TV Channel 510)
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