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Anthony Chen Launches own Production Company, to Oversee 3 Local Films!

By InCinemas  /  12 Dec 2014 (Friday)
Award-winning Singapore director Anthony Chen sets up a new film company, Giraffe Pictures, where he will take on the role as the executive producer for the upcoming film projects.

The first movie from his new company with business partner Huang Wenhong will be an omnibus feature with directors from Singapore, China and Thailand, with Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin as the lead actor.

Titled 'Distance', the film will see each director taking on a different theme on 'love, friendship and family', from director Sivaroj Kongsakul, Singaporean Tan Shijie and China's Xin Yukun respectively.

On Chen's thoughts on the collaboration with the different directors, he shared that it was an idea he had 'long time ago'. "I realised there are actually a lot of exciting and talented young film-makers in this country and in the region. I see a lot of young, talented people but they are not given the opportunities or a platform to showcase their works and that’s what I hope to do."

"After Ilo Ilo, I hope to help talented film-makers in this region to be heard on a global stage." The self-proclaimed 'control freak', Chen, added.

Known for his boyish roles in Taiwanese dramas and movies, Chen Bolin is determined to take on the challenge of playing three different characters in 'Distance', hoping 'audiences will not see "Chen Bolin" in the movie'.

"When I first heard about this project, I was very interested but felt the pressure because each character in the three short stories have a different background, the characteristics and situations are also very diverse."

As to the other actors on board this film project, Anthony is keeping it under wraps but said the cast are 'all capable and talented actors'.

Ilo Ilo director Chen may not have films planned for SG50 due to numerous projects on hand, which includes his first English-language film in the UK, but he hopes to support and celebrate Singapore's growth in other ways.

"It’s very hard to really focus on so many things but I’m hoping that through supporting other young Singaporean directors by helping to make that big step outside of Singapore, I think that is a show of what we can do for SG50 and for Singapore."

Giraffe Pictures also announced a slate of other upcoming films: K Rajagopal's long awaited debut feature 'A Yellow Bird', and Kristen Tan's 'Popeye'.

Anthony said: "Having experienced the struggles of a young film-maker while making my first feature, it has always been my intention to set up a home to support young visionary film-makers in the region. Asia is brimming with exciting film-making talent ad we are hoping Giraffe Pictures would provide the platform and opportunities for such emerging voices to be heard."
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