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Fresh Actors to Lead Royston Tan’s Film, ‘3688’!

By InCinemas  /  10 Dec 2014 (Wednesday)

Singaporean singer-songwriter Joi Chua, rap artist ShiGGa Shay and theatre actor Michael Tan are making their feature film debut in Royston Tan’s ‘3688’, his ‘comeback-film’ after a 7-year hiatus.

The film tells a story about a parking attendant Fei Fei (Chua) who always dreamed of becoming a singer, like her famous namesake – the legendary Taiwanese singer Fong Fei Fei.  But reality sets in and she gives up her dream to care for her father with dementia.

As with his films in the past, expect singing numbers in 3688, especially songs from the late singing legend, Fong Fei Fei but with a ‘modern take’. Moreover, ShiGGa Shay will be adding his hip-hop flavour to some of the classic songs.

Homegrown rapper ShiGGa Shay shared that he took two days to prepare for a 2-page rap about the legendary singer.

“Writing the mandarin rap was a challenge but memorising it was harder…. harder than Chinese oral!’ he quipped, adding “I memorised for about two days and it was really from morning to night, for two whole days!”

“I wanted everything to be in one take, I don’t want to cheat with closeups and all,” explained Tan, who was so impressed with ShiGGa Shay’s rapping abilities during a performance that he specially wrote a character for him.

“I cast him after watching Ah Boys to Men musical. I was with my producer Karen and when he appeared for just about 5 minutes, I told her I need to find him. I went home immediately and this new character was created.”

Now into the last stage of production, the biggest challenge for Chua wasn’t the numerous emotional scenes she had to do, but the upcoming wire-stunt for the opening sequence of the film.

The 36-year-old singer shared that even though it is her first movie, she believes age did play a part in portraying Fei Fei, her character in the movie.

“I think to play this role at this age is suitable because of the experiences I've been through, the memories of past happenings or even stories heard from the people around me…. I guess we were also bouncing off energy from each other. The feeling comes naturally,” said Chua.

Actress-singer Liu Ling Ling who plays ShiGGa Shay’s mother added that she enjoys working with new actors and calls Royston Tan’s decision to cast newbies a ‘very smart choice’.

“The first time is where they are very ‘real’,” Liu said, pointing to Chua: “I really like her, she is very original, cute and real. When you collaborate with first-timers, you actually feel their sincerity… They might think they are not up to standard but they are in fact much better than that because they put in their all, performing from the bottom of their hearts.”

3688 is set to premiere in June 2015, in time for Father’s Day celebration. This is also Tan’s tribute to his father.

“Very hard to say ‘I love you’ lah, so make movie easier!” he said jokingly.
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