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Jack Neo’s SG50 Movie ‘Long Long Time Ago’ to Premiere at the End of 2015!

By InCinemas  /  10 Dec 2014 (Wednesday)

Local filmmaker Jack Neo announced at a press conference earlier this afternoon that he will be directing a 2-part movie next year titled ‘Long Long Time Ago’ to celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday.

The first part of the $6 million project will premiere at the end of next year and the second will be released during the Chinese New Year period in 2016.

Long Long Time Ago talks about the lives of Singaporeans who went through the separation from Malaysia in 1965, Singapore’s independence and how the nation has developed to where we are today.

Though there are no details on the cast, Neo said looking for actors will ‘pose a challenge’.  “One of our biggest problem we are facing right now is the casting of actors. There are a lot of good actors in Singapore but to find someone who can speak fluently in dialect can be rather hard.”

The production will take place in Malaysia in April next year, with an open casting likely to start early 2015.

Teaser poster for 'Long Long Time Ago'

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