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Get to Know More about the Costumes in Jackie Chan's 'Dragon Blade'!

By InCinemas  /  24 Dec 2014 (Wednesday)

Learn more about Jackie Chan's character gold-plated suit in his latest movie, 'Dragon Blade'.

Directed by celebrated Hong Kong director Daniel Lee, and starring action legend Jackie Chan, Hollywood star John Cusack, Academy Award-winner Adrien Brody and Korean pop idol Choi Si-won, the IMAX 3-D blockbuster Dragon Blade is scheduled to open in Feb 2015, during Chinese New Year.

Jackie Chan’s character escorts a very special, gold-plated suit of armour, from the sober expression on his face, and those of his soldiers, one can sense the armour’s extraordinary provenance.

Jackie Chan plays Huo An, the Commander of the Protectorate of the Western Region, who is falsely charged with corruption and sent together with his men to Wild Geese Gate. A Roman legion, lost in the desert, stumbles upon them. To defend China from the foreign army, Huo An challenges Roman General Lucius to a duel.

Jackie Chan and the cast will be making a promo tour stop in Singapore! Stay tuned to InCinemas for more updates!

In support, the populace of Wild Geese Gate bring a gold-plated suit of armour to Huo An. The armour belonged to famous General Huo Qubing, who was the founder of the Protectorate of the Western Region.

The gold armour seen in Dragon Blade is the sacred memento of General Huo Qubing. Facing the invasion of foreign soldiers, Huo An puts on the armour. When, later, General Lucius becomes Huo An’s loyal ally, the two men return the armour to the newly built temple, to protect the region from future conflicts.

When designing the suit of armour, director Daniel Lee incorporated traditional Chinese elements, including a recurring pattern of cirrus clouds that is also etched on the chest plate. The soft curls of the wispy clouds stand in sharp contrast to the masculine feel of the armour. The armour is among 100,000 film props, 60,000 of which have been handcrafted. To build and store the huge array of props, the production team had to build a factory with a floor area of 2,500m2.

Dragon Blade will be released on Chinese New Year’s Day 2015 (19th Feb 2015), simultaneously across Asia.
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