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Playful Felines in CATS Continues to Charm and Entertain!

By InCinemas  /  19 Jan 2015 (Monday)

It’s not easy being a Jellicle cat for sure, but watching a tribe Jellicle cats on stage in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical CATS is an unforgettable, fantastical journey you wished you had a wacky name to join these animals on stage.

CATS International Tour
Date: Now till 1 Feb 2015
Venue: MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands
Show Timings:

  • Tuesday - Friday: 8pm
  • Saturday: 2pm/ 8pm
  • Sunday: 1pm/8pm
Ticket Price: $65 - $195

You may have heard of CATS and the famed song ‘Memory’, but this is your chance to watch one of the greatest and most adored musicals in the world live at the MasterCard Theatres. Apart from the spectacular choreography, fantastical oversized set and breathtaking costumes, CATS is one for all to enjoy, a purrfect family musical not to be missed.

One of the longest-running West End musical, CATS shine with its brilliant choreography and an insanely-talented cast that bring these feline characters to live. In addition to the costumes and heavy makeup, every facial motion, expression and subtle movements from the cast reminds us of the lovely kittens we adore and cherish.

This production is a little different from the other musicals we’re familiar with - there are significantly more orchestral numbers of cats jumping and twirling compared to actors singing their lines on stage.

Perhaps the most noticeable vocal numbers is ‘Memory’ by the former glamour cat Grizabella, performed by Erin Cornell which certainly blew us away towards the end of the show. Fret not if you are unclear about the story plot and find yourself Google-ing away during the intermission because you are certainly not alone.

Despite the numerous types and names of the cats you see on stage, close to each of the main character has its own time to shine; like the sassy, bold performance from tomcat Rum Tum Tugger to the notorious cat-burglars Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie in their double windmill trick and scene-stealer Mr. Mistoffelees who performs one of the most challenging dance solos in the show with close to 30 fouettés en tournant (turns)!

Don’t be too shock if you see these fearless cats wondering around the theatre hall, cuddling up and interacting with audiences during the show and during intermission. They often break the fourth wall, bringing the experience as close to the audiences, even at the dress circles.

In all, it’s a musical focused more on the dance work, its technicality of the choreography than the vocals of the actors belting out melodies after melodies. When the full ensemble comes together dancing to one perfect synchronisation is a stunning sight to the point of spine-tingling - the unexplainable beauty of live performances.

So take it that I joined the Jellicle tribe, in my dreams or twenty years into the future. However slim the chances may be or far-fetched it sounds, my feline name shall be Misty BomBommWoop. Meow.
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