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Jackie Chan Wants to Spread the Message of ‘Peace’ through his Film 'Dragon Blade'!

By InCinemas  /  11 Feb 2015 (Wednesday)

As the executive producer, action director and actor in upcoming Chinese blockbuster film Dragon Blade, international superstar Jackie Chan hopes to promote peace through his US$65 million production. 

“This movie is made for the whole world to see. We really need peace to exist, especially in this time and age… I want to use my film as a platform to spread this message,” said Chan at the press conference held at Pan Pacific Hotel yesterday.

“I hope this movie will be screened in every part of the world so that people will be able to see and treasure the value of peace.”

Chan, together with co-stars John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Choi Siwon, Mika Wang and Lin Peng were in town to promote their new movie, a week ahead of the opening on 19 February 2015.

Expect another action-packed movie from the martial arts master, Chan, who believes in maintaining the ‘Jackie Chan’s style of acting’ and ‘keeping it real’ in his films.

He added: “In the past I will compete with other films and filmmakers to see which movie does better, but now, I have no intention of surpassing anybody. I just want to make films with honest fight scenes and preserve the old school martial arts choreography.”

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Most of the filming took place in Gobi Desert where extreme weather conditions and occasional sandstorms hindered the production process.

“In the afternoon, it can go up to 50 degrees but it becomes very cold at night, sometimes hitting below 0 degrees,” said Chan, citing that as one of the challenges he faced during the 100-odd days of filming, adding “you have to cover your head when a sandstorm comes because within seconds, you will look like an old man with all the white sand in your hair.”

“For the ladies, you can go there and exfoliate your skin. I promise you that you'll look good after that,” he joked.


During our interview with Chan, he said the most challenging aspect for him on this production was not the weather conditions, but to take care of everything and to ensure that everybody – from extras to the main casts were well taken care of.

“From 800 extras to 350 crew members, I want to make sure that they are comfortable in the desert. Simple things like where is the bathroom, or if the water catered is enough for all; that’s the most challenging part for me.”

Affectionately known as ‘big brother’, Chan sure knows how to make his stars feel at home.

 “I want to them (Cusack and Brody) to have a good memory of their filming experience in China.” He said, before turning to them revealing, “I’m very tired after coming back from set every night but these two (Brody and Cusack) will come to my room to chat and discuss their scenes. I’m so tired but I still have to accompany them!” He quipped.

“Now I speak the truth!”


Directed by Daniel Lee, Dragon Blade opens InCinemas 19 Feb 2015!
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