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The Girls (Girls Girls) Love the Boys of GOT7!

By InCinemas  /  28 Apr 2015 (Tuesday)

At the very first fan-meeting in Singapore held last Saturday at Kallang Theatre, Korean boy band GOT7 had fans screaming and cheering throughout the two-hour show.

The hip hop 7-member Kpop group consists of multinational members from South Korea, America, Hong Kong and Thailand. Setting themselves apart from other boy band for their martial arts tricking dance moves, GOT7 charmed the 1600-crowd with their synchronised choreography and a whole lot of 'fan service'. Lots of it in fact.

Speaking in fluent English at the press conference ahead of the concert, Jackson shared that he visited Singapore a couple of times; with fond memories of our sunny island during his younger days as a participant at the 2010 Youth Olympics Games.

He represented Hong Kong as a national youth fencer where he visited Night Safari and Sentosa. “It’s great. I loved it! The food’s really great too,” Jackson, the rapper of the band said.


Although GOT7 debuted only about a year ago, they managed to rise above the many rookie groups in Korea, becoming one of the beloved boy bands in the competitive Kpop industry. Ask any of the thousand-odd fans who turned up for the concert and they can easily list you reasons why they adore these young singers.

For ‘JB’, leader of the group, he credited Jackson for the surge in popularity through the popular reality show ‘Roommate Season 2’ where it features celebrities living together in an apartment.

He added: “I would really like to thank Jackson for spreading our name through Roommate. I think all of us would like to participate (in variety shows) if we could as it is a great opportunity we wouldn’t decline. Bambam is very talented and I believe he will do really well in variety shows.”


Apart from live performances from their hit songs such as ‘Girls Girls Girls’, ‘A’ and ‘Stop, Stop It’, GOT7 played stage games with a couple of lucky fans and participated in a short Q&A segment where fans got to learn more about the members.

Another highlight of the night was the surprise birthday celebration for Thai member Bambam. “I’ve never had a birthday celebration like this before… thank you Singapore!”
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