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Park Bo Young on her First On-screen Kiss in ‘Oh My Ghost’!

By InCinemas  /  04 Sep 2015 (Friday)


Well-loved Korean actress Park Bo Young gives her first on-screen kiss to co-star Cho Jung Seok in the Korean comedy drama ‘Oh My Ghost’.

At the press conference held at Pan Pacific Singapore, Park talked about how she felt prepping for her first on-screen kiss in the drama, as well as her thoughts playing two roles: an amateur chef, and a girl who is possessed by a virgin ghost, eager to lose her virginity. 

“At first, I was very nervous as that was my first ever kiss scene throughout my career. But everybody made it very comfortable so I got into my character easily and it came rather naturally,” said Park, who was in town with Cho Jung Seok to promote their drama in Singapore. 

Turns out, Cho was even more nervous than Park when it came to that key scene. 


“I felt a bit pressured as it was Park Bo Young’s first on-screen kiss,” quipped Cho, adding: “I didn’t want to show it but I think it kind of showed (through my expressions). The reason I was pressured because I wanted it to look good on screen and I wanted it to look pretty for Park Bo Young…. We didn’t rehearse much and there weren’t many NGs for that.” 

‘Oh My Ghost’ shows a more matured side of Park, who had previously only played roles of a student. This time, she showed her acting capabilities with the two contrasting roles. As the possessed Na Bong Sun, she becomes sexually aggressive towards her male colleagues. 

Park shared that we was shy at first, but became ‘comfortable’ in her role thereafter. 

“There were a lot of difficulty at first but as the drama passed, everybody was very comforting and being very helpful. Later on in the drama, I began to be more aggressive as I felt more comfortable in that situation,”

When asked if Cho likes aggressive or demure women in real life, he admitted to not being attracted to ‘aggressive girl’, but said: “If someone like Park Bo Young is aggressive, then that would be fine!”


Cho described the drama as ‘quirky, provocative and being possessed’. “When I heard this line (from the producers), I thought it would be so interesting and fun!”

In many of your typical Korean dramas, it’s always about the charismatic, rich man who falls in love with a beautiful girl. In ‘Oh My Ghost’, Park was intrigued that how a potentially dark topic about paranormal activity could be turned into something ‘lively, fun and happy.”

She added: “There are a lot of drama series where it is always the guy seeking for love, but for this one, the woman is more aggressive to find love.”

Oh My Ghost! is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) every Sunday at 10pm till 13 Sep. It will continue to be available via VV Drama On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 857) for one month till 13 Oct.

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