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Korean Actor Kang Ha Neul on his First Visit to Singapore.

By Flora  /  04 Nov 2015 (Wednesday)

It was Korean actor-model Kang Ha Neul’s first visit to Singapore. Despite his short stay here in our sunny island, Kang couldn’t seem to hide his excitement and delight to interact with his fans. 

Apart from a movie screening of Twenty which he starred in, Kang attended a public showcase at Plaza Singapura; a meet-and-greet before his screening; and an closed-door fan event the day after. During our interview with the Korean actor, he shared that he was ‘surprised at the turnout’ of his showcase. 

“I thought nobody in Singapore knows who am I!  But when I showed up at the showcase yesterday, there were a lot of people there to welcome me. It felt really great and I am happy to see the crowd.” 

Indeed, Kang posed for photos for the fans, occasionally giving the heart hand sign, and waving to the crowd in all directions. Having debuted as a musical theatre actor, he charmed the crowd with beautiful ballads, followed by stage games with lucky audience members, and answered questions from the media. 

In his latest film, Twenty, Kang plays a goody two-shoes university student who are best friends with Kim Woo-bin and Lee Junho’s characters. The film had a commercial screening in June earlier this year, and was selected as one of the 10 Korean films for the Korean Film Festival in Singapore. 

When ask about his life at 20 years old, Kang admitted that he didn’t ‘live life to the fullest’. “I had regrets and had lots of fun, but this movie is to remind me that I was in my twenties,” he said, adding: “If I could go back in time to 20 years old. I would want to study harder!” 

Kang, Kim and Lee became close friends after filming Twenty together. When asked to name actors he would like to work with, Kang immediately mentioned his two buddies for he wants to relive the enjoyable moments again. 

One memorable event that he reminisces, was the countdown to Christmas two years ago. “We gathered at a small restaurant on Christmas eve for Soju (Korean beer) and food. It was just the three of us!” 

“If we (Kang, Kim and Lee) were to work on a movie again, I wouldn’t want to be friends with them! It would be much more fun if we were enemies with one another instead. An action movie or one that involves a psychological genre sounds good,” he shared.

“I might want to be the villain, so that I can catch Woo Bin,” he laughed. 

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