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Gang Dong-Won Unfazed by Glass Shard in his Neck During Filming of ‘Master’.

By Flora  /  13 Jan 2017 (Friday)

Korean actor Gang Dong-Won had a bloody injury on the set of action-thriller ‘Master’ where a piece of glass shard pierced into his neck during an intensive car chase scene. 

At the press conference yesterday, Gang, Kim Woo Bin and director Cho Ui-Seok shared some of their filming experiences from the movie. 

“Yes, I took out the glass shard myself,” he recalled. “I’m not a person who loses my cool when there are unexpected surprises. when I saw the blood on my face, I was just wowed, and said: “This is terrible.”.’

“I was sitting and waiting for somebody to help me. Everybody came to my rescue and were very shocked, but nobody dared to touch me. So I had to do it myself. There were small scars and cuts on my face. I did most of the action scenes myself,” Gang added.

Co-star Kim Woo Bin shared that he was very shocked by the incident, and praised Gang for his calmness. It was director Cho who felt sorry for the incident, so much so that he even visited Gang’s mother twice to personally apologise for Gang’s injury.

Cho, who previously promoted his movie ‘Cold Eyes’ in Singapore, said: “Whenever reporters asked about this (incident). I will feel really depressed because I feel sorry. Gang Dong Won will have a very positive outlook on this., but I feel like I’ve hurt the national treasure!”

It was the first time for Gang, Kim and veteran actor Lee Byung Hun co-starring in a movie. In Master, Kim plays the sidekick of mastermind villain, played by Lee, who had a scene where he was badly beaten up by Lee. For that particular scene, Kim shared that he felt ‘relived’ about it. 

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“Byung Hun has a lot of experience in fighting scenes, and it is easier to get beaten up than to beat someone, so I was rather relieved about that… as a junior, and being one of the younger actors (on set), everyone was very kind to me,” said the model-actor. 

He added: “Whenever it comes to meeting new cast members, I will always be little nervous because I do not know what and how the person is like. But as filming continues, I get to know the person better, and we got along better.”

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