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Check out the Intense Fight Scenes in New 'Ip Man 3' Featurette!

By Flora  /  13 Nov 2015 (Friday)

Be captivated by the spectacular fight between Ip Man and Mike Tyson, which was referred to as the “most thrilling scene” in the movie, was choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping.
On filming the scene, Donnie Yen said he felt a lot of pressure fighting with the boxing champion, as Tyson’s powerful punches have “hundreds of pounds of force”.

Ip Man (Donnie Yen) takes on disciple, Bruce Lee, and engage in frequent sparring sessions to hone his skill after seeing great potential. Meanwhile, a well-known property developer-cum-street fighter played by American boxer Mike Tyson, challenges Ip Man in an incredible showdown of Wing Chun kung fu versus heavyweight boxing.

In a never-seen-before union of Ip Man, Bruce Lee (revived by computer graphics) and Mike Tyson, the past and the present unite as a tribute to two of China’s greatest fighters.
IP MAN opens InCinemas December 2015!
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