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Eric Khoo's 'In The Room' Set for Theatrical Release on Feb 25th!

By Flora  /  26 Jan 2016 (Tuesday)

Great news for those who didn’t manage to catch Singaporean auteur Eric Khoo’s In the Room at the Singapore International Film Festival last year, for the R21 film has been slated for an commercial release on 25th February!

The film screened as one of the special presentations at the 26th Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) with a R21 rating, with no cuts. 

It was not given a classification rating by the Media Development Authority (MDA) for there were two scenes in the movie that ‘have exceeded the classification guidelines for sexual content’. This also means that the film can only be screened commercially in Singapore provided the two scenes are cut. 

For the upcoming theatrical release, an international version will be screened for the Singapore audience before travelling to other countries later this year.

(Read our interview with Eric Khoo to learn more about the film!)

Produced at a budget of US$800,000, In The Room strings together six narratives spanning several decades that occur in Room 27 of the fictional Hotel Singapura. The film features an international cast such as Hong Kong actress Josie Ho, South Korea’s Choi Woo Shik, Malaysian Lawrence Wong, and Singaporean actor George Young, each in bold explorations of sexual mores in changing times.

Managing Director of Encore Films, Ms Joyce Lee, who will be co-distributing the film in Singapore, says, “IN THE ROOM is a sensual, poignant film that all Singaporeans deserve to watch. In its tastefully executed erotic scenes, the film unabashedly explores the human condition by showing us how a hotel room, in its promise of privacy, unshackles the amorous feelings and illicit desires hidden within different people. The changes in Singapore’s history, people, and politics are also cleverly and subtly expressed through the different relationships taking place in this hotel room over the decades.”
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