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Singapore’s First Premium Cinema Audio, Auro 11.1, to Launch in Tandem with Jack Neo’s ‘Long Long Time Ago’.

By Flora  /  03 Feb 2016 (Wednesday)

Golden Village Suntec City will be the first cinema in Singapore to be equipped with the revolutionary 3D immersive sound technology, Auro 11.1 by Barco. Jack Neo’s latest Chinese New Year drama, ‘Long, Long Time Ago’, will be the first movie in to be screened with Auro 11.1, which was natively mixed in the new technology in Belgium. 

Auro 11.1 is touted as the most realistic 3D sound experience currently available in the market, promising a ‘fuller’ and ‘more realistic’ audio experience like never before.  

Unlike other technologies where speakers are placed only on a horizontal plane and directly above, the Auro 11.1 by Barco’s system uses a sound reproduction speaker layout based on three axes (x=width, y=depth, z=height) and three vertical layers (surround, height, top), which provides the most natural true-to-life reproduction of sound. Thanks to its unique mezzanine layer located between the standard surround and overhead speakers, Auro 11.1 by Barco provides a much better spread of sound in the vertical axis which delivers a natural representation of 3D sound all around the listener using fewer channels than other immersive sound systems.

For those who wish to enhance their moviegoing experience, there are no additional charges to ticket prices for Auro 11.1. 

Mr Sebastian Fong, Manager, Projection Management Golden Village said: “There are no immediate plans to charge differential pricing for Auro 11.1. Golden Village will hold ticket prices for as long as possible to enable as many movie lovers to experience the wonders of Auro 11.1 before deciding on the next steps.”

Here’s a big tip for the best moviegoing experience when you’re in the Auro 11.1 theatre: 2/3 from the front of the hall, in the centre of the row.

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Long Long Time Ago opens InCinemas 4 February 2016. 
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