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All the 2016 Super Bowl Trailers You Might Have Missed!

By Flora  /  11 Feb 2016 (Thursday)

Super Bowl unites fans and supporters of different interests together: the sports fans for the game; music and pop culture groupies for the halftime live performances (Queen Bey slayed); and not forgetting the movie lovers for the slate of blockbuster movie trailers! 

Super Bowl spots are known to be crazily expensive with reports that a 30-second spot could well costs up to $5 million! This year’s batch includes major film titles like Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence, Disney’s The Jungle Book and the first peek at the new Jason Bourne!

Watch all the movie trailers below!

(Opening InCinemas: 11 February 2016)

This antihero is so vulgar and so crude, it’s actually very welcoming and entertaining. We caught the preview of the movie and it we couldn’t stop laughing at how outrageous a ‘superhero’ can be. The Internet has been pretty crazy about this new hero in town, so much so that Fox Studios announced a sequel to be made!

For those who intend to catch this movie, which opens in Singapore today, do stay on for the end credits!

Gods of Egypt 
(Opening InCinemas: 25 February 2016)

We’ll be seeing a couple of upcoming movies where superheroes pit themselves against each other, but to top the list is Gods of Egypt where Gods go on war against each other. 

Eddie The Eagle
(Opening InCinemas: 31 March 2016)

Eddie The Eagle is inspired by a true story about a British ski jumper who in 1988 became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. The movie takes on a comedic slant to the story, which also stars Hugh Jackman as the rebellious and charismatic coach.

X-Men: Apocalypse
(Opening InCinemas: 19 May 2016)

The X-Men mutants unite to fight against the powerful villain Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) in the new movie. This Super Bowl trailer is mostly made up of fast-cuts of the array of mutants and their mutant powers; shots of destroyed cities and the best of all - Psylocke (Olivia Munn) slicing a car in half.

Disney's The Jungle Book
(Opening InCinemas: 7 April 2016)

There’s not a doubt that this The Jungle Book trailer is a head-turner. The live-action/CGI is already a visual feast to viewers where you get to see all the classic talking animals and Mowgli who grows up in the jungle, raised by a family of wolves. 

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War
(Opening InCinemas: 28 April 2016)

Though this new TV spot of the Marvel superheroes does not pack a punch like its other trailers, we’re not exactly complaining because we finally get to catch a glimpse of Spider-man and a better picture of Black Panther! There’s something very satisfying about watching superheroes lining up, ready to battle against one another. 

Independence Day: Resurgence
(Opening InCinemas: 23 June 2016)

Perhaps the highly-talked about trailer the past few days is the disaster epic - Independence Day: Resurgence. Not because it’s the best (though still good) trailer among the rest, but because (finally), we see Singapore being ‘blown up’ in the new trailer! Erm, yayy?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows
(Opening InCinemas: 2 July 2016)

Honestly, we don’t even know why the effort (& money) to add TMNT as part of the Super Bowl lineup. The only thing worth watching in this trailer to the sequel is Krang! 

Jason Bourne 
(Opening InCinemas: 28 July 2016)

This is the first footage we see from Jason Bourne, one of Matt Damon’s most notable film characters he has played throughout the years. Looks like this new addition to the ‘Bourne' series is a must-watch for the action movie lovers. 

The Secret Life of Pets
(Opening InCinemas: 1 September 2016)

Who let the dogs out?! (Woof, Woof!) 

More craziness and wackiness from the new trailer of the comedy film The Secret Life of Pets where we humans finally see what really happens when we leave our pets at home. They’re not as innocent as we think they are… 

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