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Taiwanese Singer-songwriter Fang Wu Wishes for More Singers to Perform her Music.

By Flora  /  23 Feb 2016 (Tuesday)

If there’s one wish for newcomer singer Fang Wu has this year, it is to compose more songs to add to her repertoire, and hopefully reach out to other musicians who will perform her music. 

The 25-year-old singer, 吳汶芳 or known widely as Fang Wu, had took part in several singing competitions such as Asian Millionstar, Super Idol and Duets, before she finally was able to release her debut album, titled ‘I’m Promising’ 《汶乱,却美好着》in September last year. 

The petite singer performed in Singapore for the first time last week, as part of the Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts event held at the Esplanade. During her short visit to Singapore, she managed to try out a few of our famous local dishes: Chicken rice and Bak Kut Teh. “I’ve been told by my label mates that these are the ‘must-trys’ in Singapore,” she said.

It is pretty hard to imagine that the shy and introverted girl will participate in Taiwan’s big-scale, nation-wide singing competitions; performing to a large group of live audience weekly, and not forgetting to a group of judges as well. 

Belting out numbers week after week on live TV also means that she is exposed to the world of cynical netizens. It was not long before she became a target of criticisms from keyboard warriors. “There were a lot of criticisms and opinions during those times when I participated in competitions,” she shared, adding “I was affected by it at first, but now I will just laugh it off. It’s about not thinking too much or be affected by these comments, especially if they are unconstructive criticisms.”

The song 《不讀不回》, which can be found in her album, talks about the online criticisms she faced during her competition days. “It’s about being myself. Now that I have an album, which all of the songs are written by me, I feel it’s the way for me to express myself and not be affected by what other people has to say.” 

Wu kept a secret of debuting an album from her father, who was against her decision to venture into the music industry. “I didn’t tell my father when I was preparing for my album. I wanted to pass the finished product to him personally.” 

“My initial plan was to play it in the living room so that we (Wu’s family) can listen to it together, but I didn’t dare to do it! So I just passed it to him and told him he can listen to it in his car. He told my mother that he ‘couldn’t understand the music’, but nonetheless, I’m still very happy that he listened to the while album!”
Apart from wanting to collaborate with more singers and musicians in the future, another dream of Wu, is to collaborate with her idol Penny Tai! “I really love Penny’s songs! I took up guitar because of her and really hope to work with her in the future!”

Fang Wu’s 《汶乱,却美好着》is now retailing in stores. 
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