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‘Shots Fired’ at #TeamIronMan, Thanks to Anthony Mackie!

By Flora  /  23 Apr 2016 (Saturday)

America actor Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War turned up the heat between the #TeamCap and #TeamIron battle with some major trash-talk at the Singapore press conference. 

“If mine is described as a bird suit, Iron Man should be described as a Coca Cola can,” said Mackie at the conference last Thursday, receiving a resounding cheers from the media and his co-stars Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. 

He continued with more nicknames for the team Iron Man members: “Let’s see, he’s Coke can (Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man); she’s perfect (Scarlett Johansson/Black Widow); trash can (Don Cheadle/War Machine); magic marker (Paul Bettany/Vision); and Michelin car tire (Chadwick Boseman/Black Panther).” 

(Head to our gallery for more photos from the press conference & blue carpet!)

Mackie, Evans, Stan and director Joe Russo were in Singapore last week for a Southeast Asia premiere in Singapore. Apart from the press conference, they attended the blue carpet at Marina Bay Sands and a lights and fireworks show, an event that was pegged as a direct response to #TeamIronMan’s Eiffel Tower light-up. 

If Mackie’s humour isn’t enough to win you over to #TeamCap, he mentioned a few famous Singlish slangs and talked briefly about Singapore’s local fare, while still poking fun at Iron Man and gang. 

“I think the four of us are being sent to be on this tour together because we try to get to know the culture that we are in, eat the food and meet the people,” he said. “Whereas team iron man is all about just going in and be pampered. They go from the press conference to the spa, and from the spa to their jet! We are more so about learning like eating stingray and chilli crab. We learn things like ‘Yes la or no la’… that's what we enjoy.” 

Director Joe Russo & Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier)

Initially known as the ‘Avengers 2.5’ due to the massive Avengers cast, co-director Russo explains the much talked-about sequel and how was it like to have these treasured characters back on set. 

“I think what make this Marvel universe so special is the characters’ interaction,” shared Russo, adding: “I think this movie has more interaction than any film that precedes it in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).”

“It's a very complexed story. It brings all the characters together in a big family fight and I think the spectacle is enormous! The performances from these cast are spectacular and it's a great deal of fun. I think you're going to have a well-rounded experience.”

Indeed, though the film officially opens InCinemas 28 April, critics who have watched it have nothing but praise for the film. We were fortunate to catch the movie ahead of its premiere and we can assure fans that this is a satisfying take in the MCU. 

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War opens InCinemas 28 April 2016!
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