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More Live-Action Adaptations of Disney's Animations!

By Flora  /  30 Apr 2016 (Saturday)

Here are the 15 upcoming live adaptation remakes from Disney’s beloved animation classics!

We definitely saw this one coming. With the huge success of Cinderella, Maleficent, Alice In Wonderland, and most recently, The Jungle Book, it is no wonder that the Studios is jumping on the bandwagon to create more animation to live-action remakes!

While dates of most of the films from list have not been fixed, we’re pretty stocked to find out some its casting decisions! 

Alice Through the Looking Glass - 11 Aug 2016

Johnny Depp (Mad Hatter), Mia Wasikowska (Alice), Anne Hathaway (White Queen) and ugang returns to the whimsical world of Underland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter from the half-human half-clock, Time (Sacha Baron Cohen). 
Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass is a follow-up to director Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (2010), and opens InCinemas 11 August 2016!

Pete’s Dragon - 1 Sep 2016

Starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Wes Bentley and Robert Redford, Pete’s Dragon is the remake of the1977 classic movie of the same name. The film talks about a young orphan who seeks refuge from his abusive adoptive parents with the help of a pet dragon and a couple who live in a lighthouse. 

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon opens InCinemas 1 September 2016!

Beauty and the Beast - March 2017

Tale as old as time, true as it can be… We are waiting patiently for this movie, or even a trailer to be released. Retold in live-action with a modern day twist, the live-action Beauty And The Beast features the ever-beautiful Emma Watson as Belle, Downton Abbeyʼs Dan Stevens playing the Beast. and other cast members such as Ewen McGregor, Emma Thompson, Luke Evans and Sir Ian McKellen. 

We can’t wait to listen to these cast members belting out some musical numbers! 


Oh yes, more Disney villains! Glenn Close did a fantastic job in playing the wicked Cruella de Vil in the 1996 film ‘101 Dalmatians’, but this time, it is up to Emma Stone to create a unique style to her vicious character! Aline Brosh McKenna who wrote the live-action Cinderella will pen the script for Cruella.

Maleficent 2

This will be a direct sequel to its predecessor featuring Angelina Jolie as the titular character. Rumour has it that the sharp jawline actress has yet to sign up for the project, but is expected to reprise her role in the follow-up. 

The Jungle Book 2

Just days after the release of Disney’s The Jungle Book, Disney announced that a sequel is in the works. The Jungle Book, which is now still showing InCinemas, has been making huge box-office waves around the world, especially for its motion capture graphics and the talented little boy Neel Sethi who plays Mowgli. 

Peter Pan

Director David Lowery, who is also the director of the upcoming Disney’s Pete Dragon, will be embarking on another Disney remake project - Peter Pan! Although there are a couple of Peter Pan spinoffs like the recent ‘Pan’ that starred Hugh Jackman, none of those seem to be as good as the animation classic. Hopefully Disney will be able to create some Pixie dust magic to this one! 


Oscar-nominated writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson will pen the live-action remake. He is in talks to direct the film as well! We don’t know who will be the long-nose boy, but Geppetto just found the perfect actor to star: Iron Man Robert Downey Jr.! 


Famed director Tim Burton has signed on to direct this remake that will see a mixture of CGI animation and live-action storytelling. It’s essentially a retelling of the classic tale, but there will be added elements of Dumbo’s family and his journey. The screenplay is being written by Transformers: Dark Of The Moon scribe Ehren Kruger.

Sword in the Stone

While many may not have heard of this fairytale story, this new live-adaption film is getting some attraction due to the writer attached to it. Brian Cogman, the producer and writer for the widely popular HBO series - Game Of Thrones is penning the screenplay. We don’t know if it’s going to be darker and more menacing than the original animation, but we’re for sure looking forward to it. 


No actresses have been announced, but let’s just hope it’s not another whitewashing casting decision. After all, the movie centres around the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan who fought for her country under the identity of her father. We’re hoping, just hoping it’s going to be an Asian actress who plays the lead. 

Mary Poppins

Emily Blunt has confirmed to play the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious character Mary Poppins! Previously brought to life by Julie Andrews, Blunt's name was linked to the Poppins sequel when it was reported of the new tale would be set around 20 years after the original and based on the books by creator PL Travers. 

Winnie the Pooh

Pooh, honey and friends! Our favourite cartoon character is getting his live-action remake! The new Winne The Pooh will follow Christopher Robin as an adult, who goes back to find Pooh and friends. No actors have been said to be attached to this project, and it is unsure if they will be using real animals or motion capture sequences with voiceovers. 

Tinker Bell

Source: Cinechew

The multi-hyphenate actress Reese Witherspoon will star and produce the live-action makeover, based on Peter Pan’s character Tinker Bell. The focus will be around the pixie fairy, set in the world of magic and pixie dust. The project is still in development, and there is no timeline for it to go into production yet. Finding Dory screenwriter is set to pen the screenplay for Tinker Bell. 

Snow White – Rose Red

We know who’s Snow White, but have you heard of Rose Red? Well, Rose Red happens to be Snow White’s sister, and appeared in Grimms' fairy tales. The Hollywood Reports reported that the story is a revisionist take that transposes Rose Red into the Snow White tale, making her a key player in the later part of the classic story. When Snow White takes a bite from the iconic poison apple and falls into her Sleeping Death, her estranged sister, Rose Red, must undertake a dangerous quest with Grumpy and the other dwarves to find a way to break the curse and bring Snow White back to life.

Aladdin – Genies

Enough of sequels… for now. Genies will be a prequel to the original 1992 version, and will explore how the big blue genie becomes trapped inside the lamp. Damian Shannon and Mark Swift will be writing the story, and we suspect this will not be the last of future Aladdin live-action series. 

Cinderella – Prince Charming

After the successful returns of Kenneth Branagh’s live-action Cinderella in 2015, Disney is looking into creating a new comedy drama on Prince Charming…’s brother. Yes, his another not-so-handsome brother who struggles to compete in the family due to his lack of charms. Matt Fogel, who previously wrote Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son will pen the script for the movie. 

Which are your favourites? Mary Poppins? The Jungle Book 2’ or Tinker Bell?
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