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4 Reasons to Download the All-New InCinemas Mobile App!

By Flora  /  13 May 2016 (Friday)

Yep folks, you heard us right. InCinemas is bringing the Kua-Hee experience to the next level with our brand new InCinemas mobile app, ‘InCinemasSG’, and is now available on the App Store and on Google Play! 

As if you need a reason to whip up your phone and head to the respective app store to download this wonderful app, but we’ll supplement you with 4 reasons - just in case you need more convincing. 

1) Showtimes At Your Fingertips 

As hardcore moviegoers ourselves, we know the pains of filtering movie showtimes when all you want to know is, if your favourite superhero movie is showing at a cinema near you, tonight after dinner time. 

On the InCinemas app, simply select the movie you want to watch, the cinema and the date; and let us do the filtering for you! It’s simple, fast, and hassle-free! 

2) Super Cool, Duper Awesome ‘Shake’ Function 

Ever been in this predicament where you and a group of friends gather around in a circle deciding what to do and where to head next, when one person suggest watching a movie together. “What movies are showing now? What shall we watch?” Then the other 20 of you will stand there and hope someone comes up with a title you’ve been longing to watch. 

Sounds familiar? Well, we’ve the perfect solution for this.

The unique ‘Shake’ function will generate a random movie that is currently screening in cinemas. With just a shake of your phone, a film title will pop up, together with the nearest cinema (when you location setting is activated) option. If you think that the majority will not enjoy the film, just shake your phone again and wait for the next title to pop up… instantaneously! 

3) Reminder Function to Tell You When Your Favourite Movies Open in Singapore

If you have signed up as a member of InCinemas, which we highly recommend so, you can set a reminder service which will remind you of when your favourite movies are opening in theatres! You can set a 7-day reminder, a 3-day reminder or a 1-day reminder. This way, you’ll never be unsure when to book your tickets! 

4) It’s FREE

The InCinemas mobile app is absolutely FREE! No ’T&Cs’, no ‘fine prints’, no ‘in-app purchases’. We just want to make your overall movie experience better, smoother, and hassle-free! 


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