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Chow Yun Fat Brings ‘King of Selfies’ to a Whole New Level at 'Cold War 2' Press Conference.

By Flora  /  06 Jul 2016 (Wednesday)
Photo Credit: Encore Films

Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun Fat is not only known for this superb acting skills and his friendly attitude towards colleagues, fans and the media, at the Cold War 2 press conference yesterday, Chow proves that he holds the title of ‘King of Selfies’, sharing tips on how to take great selfies, and pulled off a near-impossible feat: taking selfies with every single person at the press conference. 

Chow was in town together with his co-stars Aaron Kwok and Eddie Peng to promote their latest crime thriller movie, ‘Cold War 2’. The sequel is the highly-anticipated followup to the 2012’s blockbuster Cold War film.

“Carry on with the interview, I will just need a minute or so,” said Chow towards the host of the press conference at Marina Bay Sands, as he walked down with his handphone to snap a selfie with every media attendee, including this reporter who was clearly starstruck when Chow bent down to snap a picture together. 

Chow even shared a few tips when taking a selfie. “Always stand in the middle,” he joked, and proceeded with taking a wifie on stage with Peng and Kwok. “If you’re too near, your face will look too fat, so if you’re in the middle, it looks just right!”

Photo Credit: Encore Films

He added: “I love that you can take pictures in gif(s), you see my hand moving? That’s Boomerang… (an mobile photo application) I love Boomerang!”

Peng reprises his role as the villain Jia Jun in the sequel. When asked about this thoughts on working with veteran actors like Tony Leung, Kwok and Chow, Peng shared that he was nervous and excited at the same time to work with the big stars. 

“I didn’t manage to have scenes with Brother Chow for Cold War 2, but I really hope that I can have an opportunity with him in the future,” he said. 

For Kwok, working with Chow meant a ‘dream come true’ for the singer-actor, who is currently busy preparing for his upcoming concert despite the tight promotional schedule. “Chow Yun Fat is really like a big brother. He may look very stern and serious, but he is actually very friendly towards everyone. I guess what I have to learn from him is to show more concern towards my juniors.” 

(Watch the movie trailer, here!)

Photo Credit: Encore Films

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