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Eddie Peng on Using Real Guns for the First Time in ‘Cold War 2’!

By Flora  /  07 Jul 2016 (Thursday)
Photo Credit: Encore Films

“All boys like guns,” quipped Eddie Peng, the 34-year-old actor who reprises his role as the young psycho-killer Joe Lee in upcoming crime blockbuster ‘Cold War 2’.

“For this movie, the ‘action’ doesn’t come from the Kungfu-like moments, but rather the use of guns! I got the chance to use a real gun and shoot real bullets.. it’s amazing! I try to do all the stunts myself as it helps me to get into the role mentally and physically.” 

“And you can shoot Aaron Kwok on set, why not,” he said cheekily, adding: “But sadly, you can never get him.” 

Peng was in town with co-stars Aaron Kwok and Chow Yun Fat to promote the film which opens in Singapore 8 July 2016. At the press conference, the three actors recounted their filming experiences and the joy of working with one another. Chow proved that he deserved the title of ‘Selfie King’ by going on a ‘selfie spree’, attempting to take selfies with everyone at the press conference.

Photo Credit: Encore Films

“Chow Yun Fat is really like a big brother to all of us. He may look very stern and serious, but he is actually very friendly,” said Kwok, when asked about his thoughts on working with Chow. 

Although Peng, who regards Chow as his idol, didn’t manage to film any scenes with him, shared that he couldn’t be happier to be in the same film with veteran actors like Chow, Kwok and Tony Leung. 

“It really feels like a dream come true,” said the Taiwanese actor. “I’ve worked with the two big stars (Leung and Kwok) in the first instalment, and for the sequel, there’s an addition of the super big star, Chow Yun Fat. He is my idol and my grandmother’s idol, so I was really hoping to have scenes with him but sadly there wasn’t any. There are too many things that I can learn from them, just by their life and acting experiences alone. I am very happy to have a part in Cold War 2, acting alongside with these actors.”

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It’s not very often that you see Peng in villainous roles, what more a psycho-killer cooped up in jail. To prepare for his role, Peng cited watching Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs and Edward Norton in Primal Fear as part of his character study. He even added a certain flair to his character with some finger movements - snapping his fingers.

“I created this snapping of fingers for my character Jia Jun. If you play a normal policeman and you do the snapping (of fingers), it’ll be pretty weird, so I create this little gesture for the character because it works! Pirates get the coolest s*** right? Like the cool tattoos… but if the pirate dies early, I’ll play the policeman.”

Cold War 2 opens InCinemas 8 July 2016!
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