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Pokémons to Use During A Shark Attack

By Yian Lu  /  11 Aug 2016 (Thursday)
Riding on the crazy wave over Pokémon GO, which has recently hit our shores, InCinemas analyses some of the Pokémons you can use if you face a shark attack during your summer holidays!

1. Pikachu

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Not only is Pikachu lovable and well sought after by many, including the ever famous Team Rocket, it being the Electric type is also very effective during a shark attack! With Thundershock or Thunderbolt, the shark may be nicely toasted to perfection. The only thing to make sure is that you are on a floating piece of wood or somewhere not in contact with the water.

2. Sparky / Jolteon

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So, you have caught an adorable Eevee. If you still did not know, you can edit your Eevee’s name to Sparky, Pyro or Rainer and it will evolve into Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon respectively! But be sure to get Sparky, also an Electric type, during a shark attack to save you out of the mess.

InC-cookie! (Fun fact which you may or may not want to know…)
The three names are derived from the Eevee brothers in the original anime.

3. Bulbasaur
If you chose your starter Pokémon to be Bulbasaur, good for you! You just earned an escape rope from a shark attack! Vine Whip or Razor Leaf, any Grass attack is super effective against Water type. Best still, if you evolved it into the giganormous Venusaur. If Bulbasaur is not your starter Pokémon, worry not as you will be able to catch it at some point in time or hatch it from an Egg too.

4. Charmander

…is actually a no-go during a shark attack. Fire type does not work well against Water type, duh! But if you managed to obtain a Charizard, it can fly you out of the water. Just make sure to keep the fire on its tail burning because that is its life force!


5. Blastoise

Source: shelgon

Hydro Pump for the win! Such a high attack power move surely can save you from a shark attack. Or it can probably outswim the shark too, not to mention sharks usually do not prey on turtles.

Pokémon GO has indeed brought back a lot of our childhood memories. We hope that our fans and readers will be cautious of your surroundings while playing this augmented reality game. Let’s be responsible players, to be the very best that no one ever was, and do our Pokémons proud.

But as much as we want it to be, Pokémons sadly do not exist in this reality. But sharks do and shark attacks do happen albeit rare. Find out how Nancy, played by Blake Lively, fights for her survival (without Pokémons) during a shark attack in The Shallows, now showing InCinemas!
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