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Documentary about Pokemon Go to Launch in December.

By Flora  /  08 Dec 2016 (Thursday)


Japan’s Fuji TV is producing a documentary about the augmented-reality mobile game Pokemon Go, that sent the world into a hunting frenzy. 

Titled ‘How Pokemon Go Changed The World’, the documentary program focuses on the new relationship built between people and the latest technology, with exclusive behind-the-scene footage inside the Niantic office, the company that developed the game. 

Speaking at the Asian Television Forum and Market at Marina Bay Sands this morning, Takayuki Hayakawa, producer of the documentary shared that the 60-minute long film will feature profiles from game developers, engineers and players all around the world, as well as the effects, both positive and negative side it had on people.

(L-R: Takeshi Goto, Taka Hayakawa, So Fujinuma) Photo credit - Fuji Television Network

“The game has encouraged people to interact with one another, just through their screens. It creates opportunities for people to go out of their homes and explore the cities around them, inspiring new forms of communication.” 

He added: “Unfortunately, there had been a sad case of an accident that happened in Japan where the driver was playing Pokemon Go while driving, causing the death of a 9-year-old student. That’s a terrible and negative side effect on the game, and we are also featuring it in the film.”

The documentary is set to air in Japan on December 19 and has recently secured the rights to distribute the film in Europe next year. While there isn’t a local release date for Singapore fans, Mr Taka mentioned that he is open to any platforms to release the film in Asia. 
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