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5 Exciting Local Stories to Look Forward to

By Freddy  /  08 Dec 2016 (Thursday)

From the film 'Take 2', slated for Chinese New Year 2017 release. (Photo credit: J Team Productions)

Over 700 hours of compelling Asian stories are introduced in the 17th edition of Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF). Part of the Singapore Media Festival (SMF), the theme for this year is “Content on every screen.” New contents for TV, films, web, and even Virtual Reality (VR) are presented at the conference.

We have some sneak peeks into the various films that are upcoming. Here are 5 highlights that you should look forward to:

Take 2

Image credit: mm2 Entertainment and J Team Productions

Four ex-offenders attempt to start anew, but instead wind up landing themselves in hilarious situations. Jack Neo serves as the Executive Producer, working with Ivan Ho in his directorial debut, after working with Jack Neo as a scriptwriter for Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen and Long Long Time Ago. The cast includes Maxi Lim, Wang Lei, Gadrick Chin, Ryan Lian, Mark Lee, and Henry Thia. The film is produced by J Team Productions and mm2 Entertainment. It will be released in theatres for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Watch the trailer:

Fortune Handbook

Image credit: mm2 Entertainment and J Team Productions

A man obsessed with striking a fortune thinks he has succeeded when a Fortune God stumbles into his life. The film stars local celebrities Li Nanxing, Chrisopher Lee, Mark Lee and Vivian Lai, and is presented by mm2 Entertainment and J Team Productions. It is slated for release in early 2017.

Jimami Tofu

Photo credit: BananaMana Films

It is love story between a Singaporean chef who finds himself in Okinawa, begging an old chef to teach him traditional Okinawan food, and a top Japanese food critic who travels to Singapore to discover Southeast Asian cuisine. It is the first feature film of Singapore-based BananaMana Films. The film has a full Japanese cast apart from (main actor) who speaks English in about 80% of the movie.

Watch the trailer here:

The PhoenIX

Image credit: Warrior9

This animated series is a story of good versus evil, love and loss, friendship and betrayal – set in space, in virtual reality. Warrior9, a Singapore-based production, created this new science fiction series for an adult audience, to be experienced and watched entirely in VR. “There is really nothing like this in the VR market at the moment. Surprisingly, nobody is working on an animated sci-fi series,” said Abhi Kumar, the director of the series. The producer of the series, Ashima Thomas, urged everyone to watch the trailer in VR to truly experience it.


Image Credit: Out Of The World LLP

The stop-motion short film follows a young Martian's adventure in coming to terms with life and survival on Planet Mars. The producer of the series, Matt Lim, shared that it took him nearly a year to complete the film from planning to post-production. He was inspired by space exploration, especially with the renewed interest with the ongoing Mars expedition. “I imagine what if we actually meet an alien there. And to me, alien would be in the form of some ultra-intelligent form. I imagine them to be in the form of small characters like these,” elaborated Matt.

Which one are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments.
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