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5 Chinese New Year Films to Watch with Your Family

By Freddy  /  23 Jan 2017 (Monday)

The Chinese New Year holiday is just around the corner and it’s time to be with family. After giving (or collecting) angpaos and stuffing your mouths with sinful treats, why not hit the theatre with your family?

Here are some of our picks that will be perfect for your family:

1. Take 2

We can always expect to see a local comedy in the theatres this time of the year. This heartwarming comedy is about 4 misfits who try to open a new leaf by opening a F&B business. It’s the perfect motivation for us this new year.

'Take 2' opens in theatres 26 January.

2. Kung Fu Yoga

Watching Jackie Chan films might already be a family tradition in your home. Catch his latest film as he plays an archeology professor in search for an ancient diamond, the Eye of Shiva. Jackie’s adventures are always entertaining to follow.

'Kung Fu Yoga' opens in theatres 27 January.

3. The Fortune Handbook

Another local comedy starring the three Lee’s, Christopher Lee, Li Nanxing, and Mark Lee. This one is slightly more fantastical, looking at how a family’s life is changed after a Fortune God enter their lives.

'The Fortune Handbook' opens in theatres 26 January.

4. Journey to the West 2: The Demons Strike Back

Speaking of fantastical, here we have a comedic adaptation of Journey to the West. That is an overdone territory, but this one is worth looking forward to as its well-received first installment is the highest grossing Chinese-language film ever. This sequel is also produced and written by Stephen Chow.

'Journey to the West 2: The Demons Strike Back' opens in theatres 28 January.

5. The Great Wall

Since the list has been filled with comedies, here is something for those seeking something more intense. Starring Matt Damon and directed by Zhang Yimou, this action blockbuster certainly seems to be a visual treat that might please action fans.

'The Great Wall' opened in theatres 26 January.
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