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Getting Injured On Set Becomes a Norm for Lead Actors in ‘Take 2’.

By Flora  /  25 Jan 2017 (Wednesday)

Photo Courtesy of: Golden Village Pictures

The upcoming Chinese New Year movie 'Take 2' might not be a full-fledged martial arts action flick, nor a Jackie Chan-Donnie Yen-esque film, but for the bunch of actors, getting hurt every week on set became a routine process. 

“We filmed our fighting scenes on weekends and somehow or rather, every one of us will get hurt each time. And if you’re not, that actor might be skiving off,” shared Wang Lei at the press conference yesterday. 

He added: “I’ve filmed many movies but this movie’s fighting scenes are really heavy and intensive!”

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Photo Courtesy of: Golden Village Pictures

Getai veteran Lei, together with Ryan Lian, Maxi Lim and Gadrick Chin, star in this local Chinese New Year comedy about the lives of four ex-convicts, determined to turn over a new leaf.

“Everyone involved in the fight sequences will get injured, it’s just a matter of how seriously injured you are,” echoed Lim, who is an avid MMA fighter, and plays a Mathematics teacher who has a dark past.

For Lian, who also has a Wushu background, revealed that he had an accident on set that almost sent a stuntman to the hospital.

“We were fighting aggressively in that particular scene when my knee kicked his jawline, near the neck area! The impact was so hard that he fainted on the spot! I felt really guilty about it,” shared Lian.

Photo Courtesy of: Golden Village Pictures

This is Lian’s biggest role to date and his first lead actor role in a movie. Despite being in the industry for 17 years, he had only starred in minor roles in television dramas, movies and short films. “I’ve waited for this movie for 17 years. I am very grateful for this opportunity.” 

Borrowing Uncle Ben’s popular quote: “With great power comes great responsibility”, Lian was afraid that this movie might be his make-or-break performance, on which the responsibility for the film’s box office results lies on his shoulders. 

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“I was afraid if this movie doesn’t do well (at the box office), it means that I won’t be signed on for projects in the future. But Maxi and Gadrick shared with me that as long as I’ve done my best as an actor, the box office results is something I won't be able to control… it’s up to fate.” 

Take 2 opens InCinemas 26 Jan 2017!
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