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5 movies to watch with your family this Chinese New Year

By Say Peng  /  25 Jan 2019 (Friday)

If you are bored, during this Chinese New Year, of the usual family visiting, there are no shortage of movies showing in the cinemas that are bound to entertain you better than your talkative auntie asking when you'll get married or have a kid.

Here are 5 movies to catch during the festive period!

A Journey of Happiness

A dysfunctional family decides to go on vacation for Chinese New Year, but constantly bicker among themselves!

Enter Xiao Xin, the chirpy and outspoken daughter who will stop at nothing to keep this family together and organize a happy trip.

 On their journey, they will encounter endless catastrophes and fun surprises.

How will the Xiao family journey end?

Release date: 31 Jan

Killer Not Stupid

Jack Neo ventures out of Singapore to Taiwan to shoot his first action-comedy film.

Hornet (Jay Shih) and Mark (Na-dow) decide to end their careers as assassins with a final mission. Along the way, they meet their former classmate, Sha Bao (Gadrick Chin), a drug lord's god-daughter Talia (Amber An), and her friend Ira (Apple Chan) from the Philippines. Things get complicated as they are each hunted by their own enemies. The action ramps up as they begin their hilarious adventure in Taiwan.

Release date: 5 Feb

The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang

No Chinese New Year is complete without a Jackie Chan movie.

A legendary demon hunter is tasked with tracking down beasts who have entered the human dimension. By his side are his lawman apprentice and a motley group of friendly monsters.

Release date: 5 Feb

Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year

On Chinese New Year’s eve, Tangyuan and Jaozi were all ready to spend the holiday at their grandparents’ home when Mummy and Daddy suddenly broke the news that their grandparents are coming from the south to celebrate Chinese New Year with them.

To cheer up the children, Daddy tells a story about Peppa celebrating Children’s Festival with her parents.

Upon arrival, Granny tells the story about the unexpected events that Peppa encountered on the second day of the Children’s Festival. Granny and Grandpa’s arrival lights up the family with their holiday spirit.

Together, the family experiences the Chinese traditions, encounter unexpected events. Just like Peppa and George, every experience teaches them to love life, families, and friends.

Release date: 7 Feb


The first installment in a planned trilogy, Integrity follows an anti-corruption agent who is forced to team up with his ex-wife to salvage an investigation in which both the defendant and whistle-blower have disappeared.

Release date: 7 Feb

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year!
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