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New Movie On-Demand Streaming Service ‘Catchplay’ Launches in Singapore!

By Flora  /  17 Aug 2016 (Wednesday)

It’s time for movie lovers in Singapore to rejoice for a new on-demand service, ‘Catchplay’ launches in Singapore with over hundreds of films to choose from.
Singapore is the third country after Taiwan and Indonesia to roll out this movie streaming service. Catchplay can be downloaded on all Android and iOS platforms, as well as its online website.
Can’t catch up? Here are some features to note about the new movie streaming service in town:


1) Over 500 Movies (and more to come)

Catchplay offers a library of 500 movies upon launching, with new releases and classic films updated weekly. Apart from blockbuster hits, family-friendly animation and heart-wrenching tearjerkers, some of the newer titles include Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, How to Be Single, and London Has Fallen.


2) 1 Free Movie Each Month

Sign up for the free “Movie Fans” to rent movies for $3.50 or $6.00 (for newer titles) per movie. The movies you have rented will be in your account for 30 days, but will expire in 48 hours once you start watching them. You also get one free movie each month from an “On the House” category, updated weekly.

3) Subscription Service

Sign up for the “Movie Lovers” membership for $14.90/month to get unlimited views of most of the movies on Catchplay. Currently, about 400 out of approximately 500 movies are included in the subscription. The rest are newer movies that are rental-only. Not to worry, subscribers get one rental-only movie for free each month


4) Curated Selection of Movies

The movies on Catchplay are categorised into 320 sub-genres. For example, under the genre Action/Adventure there are sub-genres such as car-racing, treasure hunt, and Hong Kong action. Movies can be categorised based on the cast, too.
Some curated lists are seasonal. For the Month of the Hungry Ghost, Catchplay features “13 Horror Movies You Can't Miss” including films such as “The Conjuring”, “The Witch”, and “The Quiet Ones”.

5) Movie Info and Ratings

When you click on a movie, you would see not only the synopsis and the cast, but also the IMDb rating, Catchplay users’ rating, and the awards the movie won. Sometimes the editors leave a note on certain movies as well.


6) 5 Minutes Preview

You can preview the first 5 minutes of any movie in Catchplay for free! This gives you a brief idea of what to expect from the selected film.

7) Multiple Platforms

You can watch your movies on iOS and Android phones or tablets, computers, and smart TVs such as Chromecast and Apple TV. If you stop watching a movie halfway on one device, you can continue exactly where you left off on another device.

It might be too soon to tell if Catchplay will catch on. Nonetheless, if you are curious to try it out, you can get the first two months of “Movie Lovers” subscription free with a promo code on Catchplay Singapore Facebook page, only available until Sunday, 21 August 2016.
If you’re very sure that this is the movie service you’ve been finding, Catchplay is offering a special sign up price of $12.90 for its “Movie Lovers” subscription to celebrate its Singapore launch!

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