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Where to Possibly Hide Elliot the Dragon in Singapore.

By Flora  /  07 Sep 2016 (Wednesday)

In Disney’s Pete's Dragon, Elliot the mystical dragon hides in the woods with his human companion, Pete, an 11-year-old boy who had lived with him since the age of five. In fear of getting caught and possibly dying in the hands of cold-blooded human beings, Elliot has to hide in the dense forest, away from his captors.

It’s probably easier to hide amongst shade trees and caves, but what if the green creature were to wander around and decides to hide in our little red dot? Here are the possible hideouts. 

Coney Island Park

Coney Island is unofficially one of the hot hipster destinations since last October when its connecting bridges were opened for the public to access the 133-hectare island easily (used to be only accessible by boat)! Only the true-blue hipsters and Instagram hardcores will travel that far to this Pulau Serangoon for an outdoor walk around the park. Therefore, it’s a rather good hiding spot for Elliot to find peace and shelter, camouflaged amongst the dense trees and shrubs.


While Elliot isn’t as small as the 1.58m tall fugitive Mas Selamat who infamously managed to elude his hunters by hiding and crawling inside drains over three nights, we think this might be a possible refuge. 

Just a note to Elliot, beware of Pokemon Go trainers for they are spotted anywhere and everywhere! A solution to this is to channel your inner Dragonite and scare these die-hards away. 

MacRitchie Reservoir 

Ever heard of the aquatic Loch Ness Monster? There have been various speculations and said sightings of this monster. It’ll not be surprising if a random passerby were to spot a weird beast lurking in the waters of MacRitchie Reservoir, wouldn’t it? After all, Singapore has seen some of the weirdest marine mammals being found in local waters - including a carcass of a dolphin, a sperm whale and a dead green sea turtle. 

Infinite Studios

Nobody’s gonna get suspicious if a dragon is spotted near a film set. After all, Infinite Studios has rented out its ginormous soundstage studios to many international and Hollywood productions like sci-fi ‘Equals’ and ‘Hitman: Agent 47’, so it won’t be too much of a shocker to think that a disaster-monster movie is currently in the works. 

Gardens By The Bay

Elliot fits right in to the fantasy fairyland-themed at Singapore’s famous flower dome at Gardens By the Bay. With all the colourful flowers and caricature figurines all around the massive area, Elliot would just have to pretend he is part of the vibrant cluster and smile for cameras. 

Don’t you think Elliot will be a suitable addition to the already stunning attraction? I certainly would like to take a selfie with a dragon! 

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