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TV Drama ‘Crescendo’ Heads to the Stage as a Year-end Musical!

By Flora  /  19 Sep 2016 (Monday)
Photo Courtesy of: Shining Entertainment

Starring Shane Pow, Bonnie Loo, Daren Tan, Youyi, Brian Ng and Boon Hui Lu, Crescendo The Musical opens on 16th December 2016!

Following the success of the MediaCorp drama ‘Crescendo’ which aired last October, the musical drama heads to the big stage with a musical, produced by Shining Entertainment Investment, Ocean Butterflies Music and Wawa Pictures. 

Crescendo The Musical
Date: 16 - 18 December 2016
Venue: Kallang Theatre
  • 16th: 8pm
  • 17th: 3pm | 8pm
  • 18th: 3pm
Ticket Pricing: $48 - $128

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Photo Credit: SISTIC Singapore

‘Crescendo The Musical’ tells a story about a group of young Xin Yao enthusiasts who have are left to make hard decisions and sacrifices during the process of chasing their music dreams; depicting the ups and downs of life and relationships. Two of the TV series’ original cast - Bonnie Loo and Brian Ng who played the younger versions of Cynthia Koh and Christopher Lee’s characters, will reprise their roles in the musical as Wang Yafang and Yang Yiwei respectively. 

“When the call about this musical came, I immediately agreed,” said Loo, who will be juggling both TV drama shoots and musical rehearsals in the coming weeks.

“I was very happy to be a part of ‘Crescendo’ drama series because I was able to act and sing in the same production. When filming wrapped, I really missed it and kept asking if there were other extensions to the drama that I could be a part in. I was ecstatic when I heard about this musical!”

Photo Courtesy of: Shining Entertainment

Ng, who plays the love interest of Loo’s character, shares that the language will be his biggest challenge to overcome. 

“This is my first musical and I am very excited for this new experience. I’m not so worried about playing the character or the singing, but actually more concerned about the language because my mandarin is not very strong. There’s a lot of learning and preparation to be done,” says the 25-year-old actor.

He adds: “It feels great to pair up with Bonnie again as we have some kind of chemistry between each other. It’s hard to explain that, but I guess her bubbly and easy-going personality makes it easier for us to bond together.”

First Musical

Also starring in a musical for the first time is MediaCorp actor Shane Pow, whom fans may be a tad surprised to see his name in the cast list. After all, many of us have not heard Pow sing, not until recently, when he released his debut EP titled ‘It’s You’.

Even for the 25-year-old actor, he was shocked to receive an invitation to star in the musical. “I was honestly quite shocked and unexpected,” he tells InCinemas. 

Photo Courtesy of: Shining Entertainment

“I don’t think they (the producers) have heard me sing. When they told me I got the role, they didn’t even ask me to go for an audition or send a recording over, they just told me “You got it.”! It’s really a leap of faith... and to be honest, I was very, very shocked.”

“Theatre is a new venture and a new challenge for me. I do have my worries because some of them (other cast members) are singers and have had proper vocal training. This is my first try at singing and so I hope that the comparisons among us won’t be too big.”

Casting Decisions

“This bunch of young actors felt right,” shares director Garrick Wong on his casting decisions. 

He says: “Together with the other producers, we talked and discussed as to who could play who in the musical. We threw out names that we were interested to cast and started to do some matching - if he or she is suitable for the role, and if it’s befitting with the other cast members.”
“This musical is about a group of young teenagers starting out in their music careers, so there is some kind of rawness and innocence to their characters which is why I was also interested to cast new bloods in this production… As a director, I’m very satisfied with this cast! 

Tickets to Crescendo The Musical are on sale! Stay tuned to InCinemas for more updates!
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