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UglyDolls Movie Releases New Trailer and Images.

By Flora  /  12 Nov 2018 (Monday)

Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton are lending their vocals to 'UglyDolls', the new film adaptation of the popular Uglydoll toy line and game. 

Other voice characters in the musical-fantasy film include Janelle Monae, Pitbull, Wanda Sykes and Wang Leehom. 

Uglydolls revolves around the residents in Uglyville, a town where the citizens celebrate their flaws and be themselves for who they are, regardless of their shapes and sizes. Moxy (Clarkson) sets out to explore the world beyond Uglyville, to realise a place, ‘Perfection’, where more conventional dolls are trained by their leader Lou (Nick Jonas) to become ‘perfect’, in hopes of being picked up by a child in the ‘real’ world. 

Uglydolls opens InCinemas June 2019.
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