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5 Things Singaporeans Do For Luck

By Freddy  /  26 Oct 2016 (Wednesday)

Image credit: Golden Village Pictures Pte Ltd

In the film One Day, Denchai (Ter – Chantavit), an IT officer, made a wish by ringing the resort’s Lucky ‘N Love Bell during a company trip to Hokkaido. Denchai’s wish is for Nui (Mew – Nittha), the new girl in Marketing department, to be his girl for just one day.

Just like Denchai, Singaporeans do certain practices to gain luck, too, in prosperity, academics, or other aspects of their lives. Which ones of these have you done?

1. Circling Fountain of Wealth
It is believed that circling the fountain 3 times while touching the water will give you good luck. Have you done that when you were at Suntec? Does it work?

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. Pasting Coins on Calculator
You might have seen $1 or 5 cents coins pasted on calculators or cash registers at shops around Singapore. This is believed to bring more wealth to the store owners.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

3. Rolling Pineapple in New Home
When you move in a new home, it is believed that rolling a pineapple from the front door will bring good luck to the residents of the house. Plus, pineapples are delicious.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

4. Rubbing Laughing Buddha’s Belly
You may have seen some people rubbing the belly of Laughing Buddha statues. It is believed to bring good luck. Just wash your hands afterwards, it may not be very hygienic.

Image credit: Pixabay

5. Chicken Essence Before Exams
Yes, this is supposed to be good for health. But the tradition of drinking it before exams is so widespread that the chicken essence producers engage PSLE top-scorers to advertise their chicken essence. Placebo or not, there is no harm drinking it, right?

​Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Did any of these work for you? What other things have you done for luck? Share with us in the comments!
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