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Lead Cast and Director of ‘One Day’ to Promote Movie in Singapore!

By Flora  /  15 Oct 2016 (Saturday)

Popular Thai actors Ter Chantavit and Mew Nittha, together with renowned director Banjong Pisanthanakun, will be in town this October to promote their latest Thai romance ‘One Day’

One Day marks director Banjong’s first time venturing into the romance genre. He had previously delivered box office hits including PEE MAK (2013), HELLO STRANGER (2010) and the PHOBIA series (2009 and 2008). The Director last visited Singapore for a promotional tour in 2013 for PEE MAK. 

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The film stars popular Thai actor Ter Chantavit, who previously did HELLO STRANGER and ATM (2012), and up-and-coming actress Mew Nittha, who is the face of many international brands namely Loreal, Sunsilk and Pantene in Thailand. The talented Ter also co-wrote ONE DAY together with Director Banjong. 

One Day Singapore Gala Premiere and Stage Appearance 
Date: 24 Oct 2016, Monday
Time: 6.30pm onwards
Venue: Golden Village Suntec City, Level 3 Foyer

[About the Movie]
ONE DAY, which was mainly shot in Hokkaido, Japan, and Thailand, is a love story between Denchai (Ter Chantavit) and Nui (Mew Nittha), Denchai is a 30 year-old geeky IT officer who has been ‘invisible’ to his colleagues all his life. He is in love with his colleague Nui but never had the courage to express his feelings towards her. He finally got his chance when the company went to Hokkaido for a company trip. He made a wish to be together with Nui for just one day, and his wish came true! What happened during this particular one day and what will happen after one day? Is being in love for one day enough for Denchai? 

One Day opens InCinemas 27 October 2016!
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