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Director of Pee Mak Says the Cast Don't Follow Their Scripts!

By InCinemas  /  07 Jun 2013 (Friday)
The director and cast of Pee Mak were in Singapore yesterday to promote their top-grossing film to the Singapore fans.

At the press conference held at Raffles Hotel, they talked about their time filming the movie and the roaring success it has received since.

Director Banjong Pisanthanakun together with cast Davika Hoorne (Nak), Pongsatorn Jongwilas (Puak) and Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasuk (Aey) arrived in Singapore to meet the press before a public appearance during the gala premiere in the evening, held at Golden Village Vivo City.

The horror comedy movie broke international box offices internationally and has become Thailand’s highest-grossing movie of all time, collecting more than US$33 million, with more than 10 million admissions since it opened earlier this year on 26 March.

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When asked Hoorne, the female lead of the show, she said she was very surprised of the success of the film and is very happy to be a part of it. The director mentioned that he first took notice of Hoorne in magazines as she is a popular model in Thailand. After the audition, he was certain that she was the lady he hand in mind, portraying Nak, the pretty yet scary wife of Pee Mak.

Director Banjong, also widely known as director Tong revealed that most of the cast did not follow the script and allowed them as actors to improvise and have their inputs on the characters. Jongwilas added that they would usually have a few takes on their scripted lines and for the final take, they will improvise as they moved on.

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Permpoonpatcharasuk said it was because of the chemistry the four of them had with the director since 4bia that it was easier for him to improvise with the other actors. He also cited his previous horror film experiences as the inspiration he took from.

Known of making hair-raising horror films like Shutter, 4bia and Phobia 2, he said he is sick of making serious horror films and wants to make other genre o  f movies in the future. His first reaction to Pee Mak when he first read the script was that he knew it was funny, but didn’t expect it to be that funny. The cast even said that the director was giggling so loudly on set that he interrupted the filming process.

It looks like director Tong, Hoorne was also infected with the laughing bug. In contrast with the other male actors, her role required her to be more serious, mellow and needed slow movements. She added that whenever she was back-facing the cameras, she would smile and giggle away due to the humourous atmosphere on set.

Pee Mak success did not stop in Thailand, their release in Hong Kong gathered HKD $7.8 million (about SGD $1.3 million) after the theatrical release for less than three weeks. Can they also break the box office here in Singapore?

Pee Mak sneaks from 7 - 9 June and opens InCinemas 13 June!
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