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Book your tickets to Jay Chou's second featured film 'The Rooftop' via Cathay Cineplexes!

By InCinemas  /  06 Jun 2013 (Thursday)

Just last month, to our excitement, we put up the first poster for  周杰伦 Jay Chou’s second directorial film 天台 The Rooftop on our Facebook page. And now, we're pleased to announce that The Rooftop will be showing in Singapore on 11 July 2013 and advance ticket sales now available at Cathay Cineplexes!

Here's Jay Chou talking about his film! Enjoy~

(View all trailers for The Rooftop at InCinemas)

About the movie
The Rooftop, opening worldwide on 11 July 2013, marks Jay Chou’s second film behind the camera, following SECRET (2007), is a musical extravaganza combining elements of martial arts and special effects. It stars Chou alongside Eric Tsang 曾志偉, Wang Xueqi 王学圻 and Alan Ko 柯有倫 in a story set in a fantasy world comprised of two distinctly contrasting communities and lifestyles. One group lives on rooftops, where they dance and sing every day, passing their days without a care in the world, while below them are the people living under the rooftops, who possess more money and power.

Advance ticket sales have been opened across all six Cathay Cineplexes, namely The Cathay Cineplex, Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure Orchard, Cathay Cineplex Causeway Point, Cathay Cineplex AMK Hub, Cathay Cineplex Downtown East and Cathay Cineplex West Mall. As Singapore’s only THX-certified cinema, patrons who catch the movie at Cathay Cineplexes will be treated to an audio and visual extravaganza.

Patrons who would like to get in on the action and jump on the bandwagon can log on to www.cathaycineplexes.com.sg, head over to the box office counters of any Cathay Cineplex or download Cathay Cineplexes’ iPhone application, iCathay, to purchase movie tickets to The Rooftop.

Additional Note
Jay Chou is here in Singapore from 6 to 8 June (Thursday to Saturday) for his sold-out live concert Opus Jay World Tour.

THE ROOFTOP opens in Singapore 11 July 2013 and is being distributed by Cathay-Keris Films and mm2 entertainment.

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