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Angela Zhang Brings Back Classic Mandopop Songs at her World Tour Concert Stop in Singapore!

By Flora  /  19 Nov 2016 (Saturday)
Photo Courtesy of: IMC Live

Taiwanese Mandopop songstress Angela Zhang Shao Han proves to be the queen of the C-pop genre at her ‘100% Angela Zhang World Tour Singapore’ Concert last night, held at the Suntec Convention Centre. 

Apart from belting out new songs from her latest album ‘Head Over Heels’ such as ‘Bu Hai Pa’, ‘Di Yi Ye’ and ‘Zai Jian Zhi Qian’; the 34-year-old singer took her fans on a trip down memory lane with some of her classic numbers like ‘Na Han’, ‘Yin Xing De Chi Pang’ and one of her most notable songs - ‘Yi Shi De Mei Hao’, that had fans singing along to the melodious tune. 

Singapore is the sixth stop of her world tour, after Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan and Nanjing. Even without the presence of a guest singer, Zhang carried out the concert like a pro - with only pockets of rest time and short water breaks between each song - before coming back up on stage to wow fans with another chart-topping hit, not forgetting the variety of glitzy and shiny costumes. 

It’s hard not to applaud Zhang’s bout of upbeat energy and her undeniable powerful vocals that serenaded the thousand-odd crowd where fans couldn’t help but scream and cheer along with their idol. 

It was only towards the later half of concert where the audience started to warm up - standing and dancing along the songs. It was especially memorable when Zhang interacted with the crowd by devising a segment where they would sing a short verse together with Zhang from her hit song ‘Kuai Le Chong Bai’, but with the tempo getting faster each time. 

“I don’t have a guest star for this stop of my concert, so all of you are going to be my special guest of the night! This is a special segment that I’ve prepared for Singapore!”

It was truly a memorable night for a medley of familiar favourites as well as signature hits gave a lasting impression of what it means to bring out the ‘100%’ in her tour stop in Singapore. 
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