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'The Mummy' Reboot Unwraps 15-second Teaser

By Freddy  /  02 Dec 2016 (Friday)

Image credit: Universal Pictures

Remember ‘The Mummy’ franchise? It was a popular and large franchise in the early 2000s. Starting from the first film in 1999, it has spawned two sequels, an animated televisions series, and a spin-off, ‘The Scorpion King’ with 3 direct-to-video sequels.

Just like those mummies, the franchise is being resurrected. Here’s a 15-second teaser, promising a trailer on Sunday:

Tyler Colt (Tom Cruise) said “I saw her, she is real.” She is none other than the titular character, an ancient princess (Sofia Boutella) who is awakened in our current day.

Image credit: Universal Pictures

Who says mummies can't be female? Our mummies are.

Following the path of its predecessor, the film appears to be an action-adventure film. There seems to be some underwater action.

Image credit: Universal Pictures

Also, obligatory scene of Tom Cruise running away from explosion.

Image credit: Universal Pictures

The trailer and the poster also stated, “Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.” This is because The Mummy marks the first film in the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe, which will include Frankenstein’s Monster, Van Helsing, the Invisible Man, Count Dracula, and many other Universal Monsters.

The Mummy opens in theatres 8 June 2017.
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