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5 Ways Goblin Will Mend Your K-Drama Heartbreak

By Freddy  /  07 Dec 2016 (Wednesday)

Photo credit: Turner/Oh!K

We are deeply aware of the heartbreak some Korean drama fans are nursing since their last drama came to an end. The love story that filled up their days and nights no longer brings meaning to their lives.

But we have the perfect remedy as Oh!K will be bringing to you Goblin, the latest and highly anticipated Korean drama featuring a star-studded cast with Gong-Yoo (Train To Busan), Lee Dong Wook (Hotel King), Yoo In Na and Kim Go Eun, who recently won Best New TV Actress at the Paeksang Arts Awards. 

Here are five reasons to watch Goblin: 

1. It’s The Same People Behind Descendants Of The Sun!

Photo credit: Soompi

Written by Kim Eun Sook and directed by Lee Eung Bok, the masterminds behind the highly acclaimed Descendants Of The Sun, Goblin promises K-drama fans a thrilling romantic drama that is set in a fantasy world of today’s time. So whatever roller-coaster of emotions you felt with DOTS will be felt for Goblin as well!

2. It Is Fantasy At Its Best!

Photo credit: Turner/Oh!K

It is all fantasy. When you have a good looking 100 over year-old Goblin, paired with a dashing Angel of Death, you know this can’t be real, which works because that’s what everybody loves about K-dramas anyway!

3. This Love Story Makes You Believe In Love (and Goblins) Again

Photo credit: Turner/Oh!K

Fictional characters aside, it is a romantic series which twirls around drama, pain, confusion and sacrifice, reasons why we love Korean dramas in the first place. The love tale between Goblin and his bride would make you so jealous, you’d want to find a 100 year-old Goblin as a boyfriend as well.

4. It’s Heartthrobs Galore

Photo credit: Turner/Oh!K

With a cast this good looking, you don’t need to be on dating apps anymore. Or at least until the series ends. It will take exactly one week to get over their charms and good looks and right when you think you’ve moved on, the next episode starts and you’ll fall in love all over again! Try again next episode. 

5. Gong-Yoo

Photo credit: Turner/Oh!K

He can be Coffee Prince, Mr Destiny or saving others from zombies in the Train To Busan. He always finds a way into our hearts with his mature good looks and charming smile.

Watch Goblin every Saturday at 7pm on Oh!K (StarHub TV Channel 816 and Singtel TV Channels 525 and 611)!
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