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Michelle Chong's 'Lulu The Movie' Hits S$2Million at Box Office!

By Flora  /  27 Dec 2016 (Tuesday)

Yessi Yessi! Michelle Chong's Lulu The Movie hits 2 million dollars in box office in 4 weeks, making it one of the top 6 Chinese-language movies and top 3 local films in Singapore in 2016! 

Writer and director Michelle Chong says, “I feel very touched and grateful that we managed to break the $2mil mark, despite competing with established Hollywood blockbuster franchises such as Harry Potter and Star Wars and having a fraction of their marketing budget and screenings. I thank our cinema distributor Cathay for their trust in this movie, the local media for their support and the fans of the movie for their social media posts, and I hope to continue creating original characters that Singaporeans can identify with."

(If you want more of Lulu, check out our interview with her, here!)

[About Lulu The Movie]
Lulu The Movie tells the story of a determined Mainland Chinese lady who comes to Singapore to meet her online boyfriend, but ends up making a name for herself as an international fashion icon. The movie opens with Lulu arriving in Singapore from her hometown in China looking for her one true love that she met on social media. However, her dream lover turns out to be the complete opposite of what she imagines him to be. Not wanting to 'lose face' to her friends back in China, she decides to stay in Singapore and make something of herself. 

We follow her adventures of job-hopping, learning English and being discovered by the TV station. She gets the opportunity to front n English fashion program despite having 'unique' fashion sense and even more unique command of the English language. She refuses to conform to normal standards of what a fashion host is supposed to dress or sound like but audiences love her unconventional way of hosting and her show becomes top-rated, even garnering international attention. Her real adventures begin as she embarks on her journey around the world (from London to Shanghai) as a bona fide fashionista.

Throughout her journey, although she meets with mockery, discrimination and tough times, Lulu refuses to give up or compromise. A strong message that comes across in the movie is that one can achieve success by staying true to oneself and living life on one's own terms. 

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