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Disney's Live-Action 'Mulan' Remake Finds Director

By Freddy  /  15 Feb 2017 (Wednesday)

Image Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studio

It has been announced that the Disney’s live-action remake of ‘Mulan’, set to release in November 2018, will be directed by Niki Caro. While the appointment of a female director is good news, Disney has previously been looking for an Asian director to helm the film. But Disney will involve an Asian executive producer in this film, a famous Hong Kong producer Bill Kong, who produced many successful films including ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’.

Niki Caro most recently directed ‘The Zookeper’s Wife’, which will be released in March this year. She is most well-known for writing and directing the critically acclaimed ‘Whale Rider’, about a Māori girl that has to stand up against the other men and her grandfather in the tribe to show she can be as much of a leader as the boys who were being trained to be leaders. That seems like a solid background to direct ‘Mulan’.

According to THR, Disney also ensures cultural sensitivity for ‘Mulan’ through “extensive conversations with Chinese cultural consultants and working closely with Disney’s own China-based team”. Disney is currently looking to cast a girl from mainland China to play the titular role.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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