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Julie Andrews Champions for the Arts through Netflix's ‘Julie’s Greenroom’!

By Flora  /  03 Mar 2017 (Friday)
Photo Credit: Netflix

Let’s start from the very beginning… a very good place to start. Sing this verse from the classic ‘The Sound of Music’, and one instantly thinks of musical legend Julie Andrews in her iconic role as Maria. 

Imagine seated just inches away from the Queen Dowager of Genovia and her real-life princess Emma Walton Hamilton, as they talk about their new Netflix show ‘Julie’s Greenroom’ - a preschool puppet television series that talks about the arts. To say I was on the verge of belting out all the Andrews-starred musical songs is an understatement.

“Can you think of anything besides the arts that connects the world? ” Andrew said. “We need to talk about the arts to preschool children because there isn’t enough of it. It’s the biggest reach worldwide and yet it is the first budget to get cut in schools… Everybody has to foster that and encourage it."

Photo Credit: Netflix

Walton, echoed her mother’s sentiments, emphasising the importance of teaching arts from young. “I know from hands-on experience that there is no better way to teach kids like teamwork, patience, and skills like problem-solving through the arts. But you have to start early because it may be a little intimidating, so if you introduce them early and often, then they will see it as something familiar, and will recognise it and get curious as they get older.”

The mother-daughter pair has been working together for many years: as co-authors, teaching partners and now, co-creators and producers of the 13-episode musical series. 

“Julie’s Greenroom” follows the ‘Greenies’ (the puppets) as they explore the different themes and theatrical areas of the arts under the direction of Ms Julie (Andrews) and her assistant Gus (Giullian Yao Gioiello). Over the course of the season, these children will be introduced to the various aspects of the performing arts including music, dance, improvisation and mime.

If it came down to making a decision, does the mother naturally have the upper hand? 

“No,” said both. 

“We have very different strengths,” Andrews added. 

Walton explained: “I tend to be more structural oriented, I’m like the nuts and bolts, while she (Andrews) will have the great idea. She will wake up in the middle of the night and say ‘We need a duck!’ It was her idea.” (Ed Note: Its name is ‘Hugo’, and is featured prominently in the show)

“You see, that’s a lovely thing because we have mutual respect for each other,” she continued. “I know she won’t be mad at me if I said no. It’s about making the best product possible. I know she will listen to my ideas and I’ll listen to hers to find the best solution together.” 



The Julie-Emma pair, or shall we say, the ‘Ju-Em’ combo is the epitome of ‘A family that works together stays together’. 

“I’ve learnt to rely on Emma. She always has my back,” Andrews looked at Walton as she praised her daughter. “She is very practical, has a great knowledge about the structure of how the show works and is supremely tactful with people on the floor,” she continued, before delivering one of the best piece of life advice I’ve heard (at least that was what I felt): “Everything you do, everything you go out to do, is just an extension of your knowledge. You just learn more, you learn more and more! We’ve never done a television series before, and boy, this is a great learning experience!”

Like you, a huge fan of Andrews, every word that came out from her mouth sounded like a decree, and I, the humble mortal civilian just waved like a true Genovian princess wannabe as she left the interview room. “Thank you for being here today,” I said. 
Julie's Greenroom will premiere on Netflix on March 17!
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