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Desmond Tan and Taiwanese Actress Amber An to Star as Lovers in New Local Movie!

By Flora  /  28 Jun 2017 (Wednesday)

Titled ‘A Simple Wedding’ 《简单的婚礼》 and directed by Lee Thean-Jeen, the local rom-com stars MediaCorp artiste Desmond Tan 陈泂江 and Taiwanese singer-actress Amber An 安心亞, which is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2018.

“I feel it’s pretty important for us to be comfortable with each other,” said Tan at a press conference yesterday morning, referring to his co-star Amber An, the Taiwanese singer-actress who is known as the "goddess for otaku" by her fans. The two met for the first time the night before over dinner, and when asked about her first impression of Tan, An said that he 'gave a sense of security and comfort."

The local rom-com revolves around the nuptial preparation of a young couple who dreams of having 'A Simple Wedding', but they soon learnt the joyful wedding turns to a battleground when the best intentions lead to conflicts and disasters...  The movie is scheduled to commence filming in July 2017, taking place mainly in Singapore and in Malaysia. 

Staying in Singapore for about a month, An shared that she’s excited to try the local cuisines, as well as sightseeing in Singapore. Director Lee revealed that he had also scheduled a few meetings for them to meet up and bond with each other. 

“There will be a lot more chances over the next few meetings and rehearsals for them to get to know each other better,” shared Lee. "I think it’ll be quite exciting to see them pairing up as this is their first collaboration, and my first collaboration with them as well.”

When asked about her biggest challenge, An described the 4-page long scene as the hardest because she has to speak English in it. “That scene has a chunk of lines in English! About 20 lines,” exclaimed the actress. 

The film which will be told in reverse, will open with the couple’s wedding ceremony, and take audience all the way back to when they first met.

“We thought it’ll be interesting to see this journey because a lot of times when you attend a wedding dinner, you see all the grandeur and the big show but you don’t know where the couple’s journey begun,” shared Lee. “There are a lot of challenges to telling the story this way because it’s not just a matter of deciding the events then just telling the story backwards, so the script went through a lot of development to try and bring this, and to make this movie interesting.”

Tan added: “This is a very interesting treatment that we hardly see in movies and even in comedies. From an actor’s perspective, this can be quite a challenge for us to perform and to do it well - jumping between the present and the past - but it’s going to be fun!”


Photo Credit: Clover Films
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